Order of Swevalis

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Order of Swevalis
स्वेवलिस मानपदावी
Awarded by the
Royal Coat of Arms of Dhrubajyoti Roy (Royal Family Order of Vishwamitra).svg
Sovereign of Swevalis
Established28 September 2021
EligibilityAt the Sovereign's pleasure
Awarded forexceptional services towards the nation, its states and Swevalis
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignDhrubajyoti Roy
Grand MasterRory McPhail,
Administrator of Swevalis (ex-officio)
First induction28 September 2021
Last induction17 July 2022
Total inductees10 (including Sovereign)
Next (higher)None (lowest)

Ribbon bar of the Order of Swevalis

The Order of Swevalis (Hindi: स्वेवलिस मानपदावी, IAST: Svevalis Maanpadavi) is the highest and the sole territorial order of the Vishwamitran overseas territory of Swevalis. The order was constituted on 28 September 2021 by the Administator of Swevalia, Rory Leonard, 1st Count of Griffith on the approval of the the Rashtradhyaksh as the Sovereign of Swevalis.


The Order of Swevalis is conferred in the single grade of Member. The members of the order are entitled to the post-nominal letters of MOS. The Rashtradhyaksh is the Sovereign of the order, while the Administrator of Swevalis is the Grand Master of the order. The current administrator Duke Rory McPhail is the inaugural and current Grand Master of the Order of Swevalis.


The ribbon bar of the Order of Swevalis is red with four vertical green bars, with two broad and two narrow lines.

Ribbon bar of the Order of Swevalis.svg



Members (M.O.S.)

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