People's Democratic National Party of Norton

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People's Democratic National Party of Norton
Parti national démocratique populaire de Norton
First SecretaryRafe Hargreaves
Cabinet Committee
FounderRafe Hargreaves
Founded2 November 2023
Legalised2 November 2023
NewspaperNortonian Tribune (De facto)
Youth wingYoung Statesmen of Norton
Armed WingNortonian People's Army
Political positionBig tent
Colors  Red
"The Dawn of a New Norton"
"L'aube d'un nouveau Norton!"
Supreme Nortonian Conference
8 / 8
Election symbol
Party flag

The People's Democratic National Party (French: Parti national démocratique populaire de Norton, or more commonly, PDNP) is the sole ruling party of the State of Norton and has sole control over the government structure in Norton. The party leads a one-party state in Norton. The founding declaration ascribes the role of the party to be the "primary and foremost custodian of the government and of the Nortonian State and society". It was founded on 2 November 2023 in Roesstal following their successful seizure of power in the November 2023 Nortonian coup d'état.

The highest body within the PDNP is the Party Conference, which convenes once every year. When the Conference is not in session, the Cabinet Committee is the highest body. Because the conference only meets once a year, the majority of duties throughout the year are placed on the Cabinet Committee and the Secretary- General.

The Constitution of the People's Democratic National Party outlines the ideological beliefs of the party, collectively referred to as Conservatism with Nortonian characteristics, which consist of Liberal Conservatism and Nortonian nationalism.


Origins and the November Coup

The PNDP was founded by Nortonian President Rafe Burfield and opposition leader Chris de Constantin to serve as the driving force of the November 2023 Nortonian coup d'état against the national unity government of Tobey Wyles. Following the success of the coup, the PDNP, in control of all Nortonian territory, soon emerged as the dominant and sole political force of Norton ultimately transforming the country into a one party state, with the State Security Act 2023 outlining the significant between party and state.