May 2022 Roscamistan coup d’etat

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May 2022 Roscamistan coup d’etat
11th of May Movement
Part of the second Roscami golden age
The meme that set off the 11th of May Movement, copied by Aleksy Gwaj from Ali Farrokhzad
Date11 May 2022
Roscamistan@Discord, Greater Roscam, Mervustan
Caused by
StatusRegime victory
  • Thomas Jacobs reinstalled as President
  • Early elections called
  • Ludwig Collins appointed Vice President, and becomes leading political leader, second only to Jacobs
Patusky supporters
Lead figures
Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs
Roscamistan Ali Farrokhzad
Roscamistan Ludwig Collins
Doros Patusky

The May 2022 Roscamistan coup d’etat, better known as the 11th of May Movement was a political crisis, revolution and coup d'etat in Roscamistan which began and ended on 11 May 2022, culminating in the removal of President Doros Patusky, and his replacement by Thomas Jacobs. The movement saw a shift in the Roscami political climate, with Patusky removed, Collins and Jacobs became the two most influential members of the Government, and the end of dominance by Patusky.


The February 2022 Roscamistan presidential election resulted in Doros Patusky, Thomas Jacobs’ candidate for President, winning the office. However after the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum, Patusky began to become more and more inactive. This culminated in him missing the inauguration of 19 March 2022. This resulted in the expiration of Jacobs and Patusky’s terms as President and Vice President respectively. First Secretary Connor Barrows was made Acting President by virtue of his office.

On 26 March, Transportation Minister Jan Kotoński and Vice President Thomas Jacobs removed Barrows from the Acting Presidency, and installed Kotoński as Provisional President. On 8 April, Patusky returned from his inactivity and was inaugurated by Jacobs in his capacity as Chief Justice.


On 11 May 2022, Aleksy Gwaj, a minister in the Cabinet and a Member of the Chamber of Representatives, jokingly made a copy and paste meme on his overthrowing of President Patusky. As the day progressed, it became more serious, and alongside Jacobs and other collaborators, began to plot the overthrow of President Patusky. A group chat was made by the conspirators. Originally Gwaj wished to become President in the new regime, but the rest of the conspirators objected, and eventually the objections became full-blown arguments. Gwaj was removed from the regime after a successful vote of removal by the other members.

Soon, the regime put its plan into action. Thomas Jacobs formally announced his removal of President Patusky on the basis of not being able to execute the duties and responsibilities of the office. The opposition party Proletarian Democracy protested over the coup, saying the inactivity of the president Doros Patusky wasn’t enough to justify a coup. After the regime made Jacobs the President, he announced both early presidential and legislative elections, to legitimise the regime’s hold on power. Ludwig Collins and Ali Farrokhzad were appointed Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President respectively.


The coup saw the end of the Patusky era of politics, with politics firmly shifting to the new age of politics, focused more on the provinces and the legislature, rather than military and foreign policy.