First Secretary of State (Roscamistan)

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First Secretary of State of the Republic of Roscamistan
Chéad Rúnaí Stáit an Poblacht na Roscaoinistan  (Irish)
Flag of the First Secretary of State of Roscamistan
Roscamistan thing.svg
Coat of Arms of Roscamistan
VP Culann.jpg
Culann Burke

since 28 November 2021
Cabinet Office
StyleThe Honourable (formal)
Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofCabinet
Council of State
AppointerPresident of Roscamistan
Term lengthAt pleasure of the President
Inaugural holderAndrew Brotherton
DeputySecond Secretary of State

The First Secretary of State is the highest ranking minister of the executive branch of the Government of the Republic of Roscamistan and is the third highest office after the Vice President and the President. The First Secretary of State is accountable only to the President and the Chamber of Representatives as the ex officio representative of the Cabinet in the lower house.

The position has been described at times the de facto the head of government and at times de facto powerless. This statement is down to who is in charge of the position at the time. When Adam Flannery was First Secretary of State, he was in many aspects de facto head of government, but in the tenure of Culann Burke, the position is more of an coordinator of the Cabinet of Roscamistan and assistant in the administration of Roscamistan.

history of the position

The position was created at the beginning of the second term of Andrew Brotherton but was given to himself so he could have more power, in late August 2021 Adam Flannery, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs was elevated from deputy to Katherine Keadivich to above Keadivich in power and importance. The role was created as a coordinator of the cabinet.

Adam Flannery was also at the same time, Governor of Mervustan, who revived the Mervustan Authority and established the Mervustan Militia which became the guard and local military unit of the Province. Flannery lost his position on 21 October 2021 when he temporarily resigned. Katherine Keadivich succeeded him, and when he returned on 29 October 2021, Keadivich lost her long time position of Foreign Secretary. Keadivich was later removed by Andrew Brotherton, who became the acting First Secretary of State on 18 November 2021. He resigned on 28 November 2021.

On 28 November 2021, Culann Burke was directly elected the fifth First Secretary of State, and became entitled to sit as an ex officio Representative in the Chamber of Representatives.

Second Secretary of State

The position of Second Secretary of State is the deputy of the First Secretary of State and acts the role of the First Secretary of State when he is absent or incapacitated, outside the nation, or is vacant. It was originally vacant until the appointment of Adam Flannery as First Secretary of State, when on 20 October 2021, Culann Burke, the fourth Vice President, became Second Secretary of State. After Adam Flannery's return Roscami politics, He lost First Secretary of State portfolio, and was given the foreign affairs portfolio instead,along with his other portfolios. The Second Secretary of State is vacant since 28 February 2021 since the resignation of Ivan Ryan.

Powers and duties

  • Helping the President and Vice President in matters of state.
  • Representing the government in the Chamber of Representatives.
  • Managing the administration of the government.
  • Doing auditing tasks and taking down dates and records.

The First Secretary of State may also become Acting President if the date for a presidential inauguration is missed. If they cannot, the ministers decide amongst themselves who will be Acting President.

List of First Secretaries of State


  Denotes interim First Secretary of State
No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Andrew Brotherton in January 2022.jpeg Andrew Brotherton
(3 February 2008 – present)
Freedom Party 23 June 2021 16 September 2021
2 Adam Flannery .jpg Adam Flannery
(15 August 2008 - present)
Freedom Party 16 September 2021 21 October 2021
3 Portrait of Kate Keady.png Katherine Keadivich
(1 April 2008 – )
Independent 21 October 2021 18 November 2021
4 Andrew Brotherton in January 2022.jpeg Andrew Brotherton (acting)
(3 February 2008 - )
UPR 18 November 2021 28 November 2021
5 VP Culann.jpg Culann Burke
(27 March 2008 - )
UPR 28 November 2021 present