Cabinet of Mervustan

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Cabinet of Mervustan
New flag of Mervustan.png
Flag of Mervustan
Established2 February 2022 (as the modern institution)
State Mervustan
Appointed byGovernor (after advice and consent of Legislative Assembly)
Main organGovernor
Responsible toGovernor

The Cabinet of Mervustan is the executive branch of the Government of Mervustan, and is appointed by the Governor of Mervustan. The Governor is chairman of the Cabinet, and appoint its ministers. The Cabinet is the latest iteration of several bodies ruling Mervue and subsequently Mervustan. The cabinet is responsible to the Governor.


The Cabinet was originally founded as the Mervustan Authority in April 2021, under the leadership of the provincial Prime Minister. Sometime in late 2021 the Mervustan Authority later became the name encompassing the three branches of the provincial government. The Executive Council was formed out of the executive duties of the Authority. In 2022 the Council was renamed the Cabinet.