Legislative Assembly (Mervustan)

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Legislative Assembly of Mervustan

Tionól Reachtach na Mervustan (Irish)
Provisional Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
HousesLegislative Assembly
Mohammed M., RDPF Independent
since 27 January 2023
Closed list proportional representation

The Legislative Assembly, officially the Legislative Assembly of Mervustan, is the legislative branch of the devolved government in Mervustan, called the Government of Mervustan. It is elected by proportional representation on electoral lists.


The idea of a proper devolved legislature for Mervustan province was proposed over and over again through out 2021 but to no avail. On 9 January 2022, President Thomas Jacobs established a provisional session for the newly established Legislative Assembly of Mervustan.

Parliamentary government

Under the parliamentary government, the Legislative Assembly was the source of all provincial legislative power, and also kept the Prime Minister of Mervustan and his executive council accountable and responsible to it. The Superior Court of Mervustan could only be appointed after it had approved its judges.

Presidential government

After the abolition of the parliamentary system within the province, the Governor of Mervustan took charge as the active chief executive of the province. The Legislative Assembly no longer held the powers over the two other branches of the Government of Mervustan as it did in the parliamentary era.


The Legislative Assembly is responsible for the creation of laws within Mervustan. The Legislative Assembly, though not able to no confidence the Governor of the Province, it is responsible for confirming appointments of ministers in the Mervustani Cabinet.