Syndicalist Party (Roscamistan)

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Syndicalist Party
Founded20 May 2022
Dissolved14 October 2022
Headquarters Limerick, later  Galway City
Membership (at dissolution)1
Socialist Libertarianism
Political positionFar-left
0 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
0 / 16
Provincial Governors
0 / 12

The Syndicalist Party was a far-left political party in Roscamistan, led by Ezekiel Ensor. The party was founded on 20 May 2022 after discontent by Ensor at the Republican Bloc, then the United Party. The party has two seats in both houses of the National Assembly, and at one point the fasting growing party in Roscamistan. It was became less influential after Ensor's brief departure from micronationalism on 16 August 2022 after surrounding controversies. It officially was de-registered by the Ministry of the Interior on 14 October 2022, for inactivity and inability to function properly.