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Province of Limerick
The River Shannon
Flag of Limerick
"Praise to Adam Flannery, liberator of Limerick, Remember him forever"
TypeProvince under direct rule
Disestablished17 September 2022
 • Total2,756 km2 (1,064 sq mi)
59,405 m (194,899 ft)
 (2022 (at dissolution))
 • Total3
Time zoneGMT

Limerick, officially the Province of Limerick, was one of the provinces of Roscamistan, and was one of the larger pieces of land claimed by the Republic.


It was founded on 29 October 2021 by Doros Patusky and President Thomas Jacobs, as a way of extending Roscami power in Munster and to aid Ennis.

After a long period of no government, President Patusky, also Governor of Mervustan, was made Governor of Limerick as an additional charge to provide a government.

The province was disestablished on 17 September 2022, as the first part of sub-national reforms in the nation.

Government and politics

The province was administered by the Governor. The province’s politics was mainly United Party, Pirate Party, and Syndicalist Party, with two Senators being formerly citizens of Limerick.