Governor of Limerick

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Governor of Limerick
Flag of Limerick
StyleMr Governor (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
ResidenceLimerick House
NominatorSelf or third party
Term lengthAs long as the President desires
Inaugural holderAdam Flannery
DeputyLieutenant Governor of Limerick

The Governor of Limerick was the chief executive and head of administration in the Province of Limerick. The Governor was appointed by the Central Government and was to serve at the pleasure of the President of Roscamistan. The first Governor was Adam Flannery, who was serving as an additional charge Governor, due to the fact he was also Governor of Mervustan.


Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

1 Adam Flannery 17 April 2022 17 June 2022 61 days Republican Bloc
2 Ezekiel Ensor 17 June 2022 16 August 2022 60 days Syndicalist Party