Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation

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Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation
Flag of Atillaterra-Roscamistan
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Roman Catholicism (Official Religion)
Demonym(s)Roscami, Atillaterran, Atillaterran-Roscami
GovernmentConfederal semi-presidential republic under a provisional government
• President and Premier
Thomas Jacobs (last)
Mike Smith (last)
LegislatureConfederate Assembly
Treaty of Confederation 2021
• South Atillaterra war of independence from North Atillaterra
30 August 2021
• Treaty of Confederation between Roscamistan and South Atillaterra
1 September 2021
• Hamptonshire and Green Rock admitted to the Confederation
15 September 2021
• South Atillaterra secedes from the Confederation
15 September 2021
15 September 2021
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.rr (proposed)

The Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation was the union between the Republic of Roscamistan and the Republic of South Atillaterra, which existed from 1 September 2021 to 15 September 2021. It was created by the Treaty of Confederation 2021. It had a semi-presidential system, with the President as head of state and executive and the Premier as head of government.


The name of the confederation came from the two original constituent republics, South Atillaterra and Roscamistan. The origins of the word Atillaterra are unknown, though the name Roscamistan comes from the Roscam tower, located on the Roscam peninsula.


After the brief Hamptonshire and South Atillaterra wars, the Confederation was founded by joint agreement of the Republic of Roscamistan and the newly independent the Republic of South Attilitaera to help strengthen the existing alliance between the two nations. The President of Roscamistan, Thomas Jacobs became the first President of the Confederation, while the President of South Atillaterra, Mike Bramwell, became the Vice President of the Confederation.

On 12 September 2021, Roscamistan made peace with Hamptonshire separately from the Confederation, breaking the rules on foreign policy. The breach of rules was brushed under the carpet as Thomas Jacobs, the Roscami President, was also the President and Premier of the Confederation, having near absolute power over the confederation.

On 15 September 2021, the Republic of Hamptonshire and the State of Green Rock joined the confederation after being allowed to by Thomas Jacobs. Disgusted at this, Vice President Bramwell gave an ultimatum to President Brotherton, either South Atillaterra would secede from the Confederation, or Thomas Jacobs would have to kick the Republic of Hamptonshire and the State of Green Rock. Thomas did not budge on the issue, which was seen by Vice President Bramwell as

Politics and government

The Confederation was run as a semi-presidential republic. The President and Vice President served as head of state and deputy head of state respectively. The Premier, who was nominated by the Confederate Assembly and confirmed by the President, served as the head of government, though Thomas Jacobs served provisionally as Premier as well as President, which gave him near absolute power over the Confederation. The constituent republics maintained their sovereignty, though they were subject to most laws made by the Confederate Assembly that concerned the Confederation.

Law and order

The judicial branches of the two constituent republics served ex officio as the Judicial branch of the Confederation.

Foreign relations

The President, besides being the custodian of the Confederation, was also the chief diplomat of the two nations. The President was also while in office of the Minister of External Affairs, giving him absolute power over foreign policy, though the Republic of Roscamistan broke this rule when it made peace with Hamptonshire separately from the Confederation.


The Confederation did not have a standing armed forces, though a United Military Force (UFM) could be created from soldiers of either nations. The Confederation was also involved in the Hamptonshire War until 12 September 2021.

Geography and climate

The climate of the Confederation was similar to the climate of Roscamistan. Cold wet winters and moderately warm summers.


The economy was run on a capitalist model, with Roscamistan being the nation with the highest level of income and expenses.

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