Roscami Colonial Empire

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Roscami Colonial Empire
Flag of Roscami Colonial Empire
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Roman Catholicism (Official Religion)
GovernmentPuppet state under the Republic of Roscamistan
Thomas Jacobs
Katherine Keadivich
LegislatureRoscami Reichstag
End of the Confederation
• South Atillaterra secedes from the Confederation
15 September 2021
• Roscami Colonial Empire declared
15 September 2021
• Thomas Jacobs becomes Supreme Ruler
15 September 2021
• Colonial Empire dissolved
22 October 2021
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.rr (proposed)

The Roscami Colonial Empire was the common name for the Jingoistic colonial government for extra territorial possessions outside of the Republic of Roscamistan, and was “ruled” de jure by the Supreme Ruler of the Roscami Colonial Empire but was de facto by the Senat and the Foreign Secretary, it was absorbed into the Republic of Roscamistan on 22 October 2021, and the claimed territories of the Colonial Empire became overseas provinces of the Republic of Roscamistan.


In mid September after, Thomas Jacobs, President of the Atilitearan-Roscami Confederation allowed The Republics of Hamptonshire and Green Rock join the confederation, after that South Atilitera found out about this, as Hamptonshire used to be an enemy of South Atilitera, alongside Green Rock. Soon Vice President Mike of the Confederation soon left the confederate union, leaving a hole in the Confederation and a need for a flag change.


The President of Roscamistan, Thomas Jacobs soon announced to former Vice President Mike that he would establish a colonial empire with him as its head.

Provinces of the former colonial empire

The Province of Hamptonshire

The Province of Green Rock