Senat (Roscamistan)

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The Senat or Senate in English is the appointed upper house of the Parliament or Reichstag of Roscamistan.


The Senat was created alongside the House of Commons or Unterhaus of Roscamistan, the popularly elected lower house of the parliament, to replace the Legislative Council, comprised of the upper Provisional Senate and the House of Lieutenants, in October 2021, the Senat was originally an elected upper house but in the Reforms of November, it became a less powerful appointed chamber, its members elected by the provincial committees called Senators Committees. Each Committee sends ten senators, providing under the current amount of provinces for 110 senators, alongside the democratically elected lower house of 240 MPs.


The Senat is comprised of 110 senators elected by the Senators Committees themselves appointed by their local executive or Secretary of State. The voting system is block voting or singular voting depending on whether a senator is in a party or not. The Senate elects a Speaker, who doesn’t participate in debates or vote unless the house is split 50/50, then the Speaker becomes the 111st Senator. The Speaker decides who speaks and for how long, with powers similar to the Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom or the Ceann Comhairle of the Dáil Éireann of Ireland.

role of the President in the Senate

The President opens parliament in the Senat every year in the yearly Presidential Speech, similar to the State Opening of Parliament in the United Kingdom but in republican form

term of the Senate

Senators are re-elected by the Senators Committees every 6 years, and are approved by the Secretary of State for said province.