August purge

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August purge
6th of August coup d’etat
Part of the Dark Ages, Post-Federation
Date6 August 2023
Roscamistan@Discord, Greater Roscam, Mervustan
Caused by
Roscamistan Purge Instigators
Roscamistan Regime supporters
Lead figures
Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs Roscamistan Falcone de Los Santos

The August purge, also called the 6th of August coup d'etat or the Day of Silence was a political purge which occurred in the Roscami Federation in which president Falcone de Los Santos was removed by his predecessor Thomas Jacobs, in a swift and bloodless overthrow of the government. Jacobs announced his return to the presidency, and announced that Roscamistan was now in a new direction.


Jacobs’ Resignation

In May 2023, President Thomas Jacobs resigned his post, announcing after years of service, he could no longer go on. He said he would carry on helping the nation in other ways. Immediately Vice President Falcone de Los Santos took office as head of state.

That week, communists from the United Socialist Republic “launched” a coup in the online server. After discovery by Jacobs of this, all three instigators were removed, and with the President’s approval, created the Committee for Defence against Communism. Jacobs was placed as Chairman of said Committee.

Federalisation referendum

In June 2023, Thomas Jacobs became infuriated with what he described as decline in Roscamistan. This coupled with legislative inactivity and a decline in citizenship numbers, led Jacobs to plan with politicians to make reforms for the nation.

A Reform Commission was made, and its findings included creating a federal structure for the nation and a new unicameral congress. A referendum and act of law were passed, and on the 27-29th of June 2023, the Republic of Roscamistan became the Roscami Federation.


In July 2023, continued apathy from President de Los Santos forced Jacobs to manage the Government, just as the presidency of Doros Patusky had been before. On the 29th, Jacobs released a statement saying he was taking back control, which was subsequently ignored by everyday citizens.

On the 6th of August, Jacobs induced a bloodless coup upon the state. De Los Santos and Vice President Connor Barrows were both removed from their offices, and Jacobs reassumed the presidency. In a statement released, Jacobs instructed his colleagues to rally behind him for Roscamistan.


After the coup, elections were called for President and National Congress. The elections for National Congress were held in late August, with presidential elections called for early December 2023. In the mean time, new members were added to the Cabinet.

The legacy of the coup d’etat saw the end of legislative inactivity, as the National Congress became efficient in passing new laws.