Oranmore Autonomous Region

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Oranmore Autonomous Region
Oranmore Castle
Oranmore Castle
Flag of Oranmore
TypeAutonomous Region
Country Roscamistan
Province Greater Roscam
Established18 February 2021 (as region)
11 June 2022 (as autonomous region)
Oranmore Province created11 February 2023
 • TypeDevolved regional government under a Unitary Catholic presidential republic
 • President of OranmoreJan Kotoński (last)
 • LegislatureRegional Council
 • Total4
Time zoneGMT

Oranmore (Irish: Órán Mór or Úarán Mór), officially the Oranmore Autonomous Region, was a devolved region located in Greater Roscam, and was one of the regions of the province. Though the town of Oranmore was founded long before Roscamistan, the Roscami region was founded on 18 February 2021 after proclamation of the republic. On 11 June 2022, a bill which granted a semi-autonomous government to the region was signed into law by President Thomas Jacobs, making the area autonomous, and it becoming a province on the 13th of February 2023. It bordered the Ballinfoylish Free Socialist State of Seprana.


The region of Oranmore was created upon the independence of Roscamistan in February 2021. The region was one of three, alongside Roscam and Doughiska.

The first major change to Oranmore was when the three regions in the east side of the Republic were merged as the province of Greater Roscam in May 2021. Oranmore would remain loyal to Thomas Jacobs during the Mervustan Conflict.

In April to May 2022, Jan Kotoński, a former president, began to advocate for Oranmore autonomy. This would culminate in an act creating Oranmore autonomy was passed in June 2022. The official name of the region would be altered to the Oranmore Autonomous Region. Kotoński would also be appointed the President of the Autonomous Region.

The Provinces of Oranmore and Ennis Act was passed by the National Assembly on the 13th of February 2023, and made Oranmore a Province.

Government and politics

The regional government was composed of two branches, the executive and legislature. The President of Oranmore served as the chief executive, and appointed the Regional Executive. The legislative body was the Regional Council.

The political climate was dominated by the Alliance for Freedom. The Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party previously was in control, with Republican Bloc before that.

Polish minority

Oranmore is a major place for the Polish-Roscami community. The last regional president was himself Polish, having also served as an influential politician nationally.


The region is home to the Micronational Hockey League team the Oranmore Scouts, founded in January-February 2023.