Order of the People of Roscamistan

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Order of the People of Roscamistan
Awarded by the President of Roscamistan
TypeNational honour
Established16 April 2022 (2022-04-16)
MottoTo those who are considered a companion of Roscamistan
EligibilityCitizens and foreigners
Awarded forPeople who are considered companions of the people and the Republic
StatusCurrently awarded
Grand MasterThomas Jacobs, President of Roscamistan
First induction16 April 2022 (2022-04-16)
Last induction16 April 2022 (2022-04-16)
Total inductees7
Next (higher)Order of the Defence Forces
Next (lower)Order of the Count of Purple (discontinued)

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The Order of the People of Roscamistan is an award in the Roscami Federation, awarded to citizens and foreigners who are considered companions of Roscamistan. The order was created on 16 April 2022 and was first given out on 16 April 2022 in the Easter honours.


The only grade currently in the order is member, and is given to all at the moment who are inducted in the award.



Rank Name Service Inducted
1 Kayden Conboy For services as the second Vice President of Roscamistan 16 April 2022
2 David Moore For services as the third Prime Minister of Mervustan 16 April 2022
3 Wojieck Nowak For services as the Deputy Prime Minister of Mervustan 16 April 2022
4 Shaun Jacobs For services as Minister of State for South African Affairs at the Home Office 16 April 2022
5 John da Remington For services as Governor of Motofia 16 April 2022
6 Luke O’Reilly For services as Finance Secretary 16 April 2022
7 Sean Dunkerque For services as Hertog of Mensenberg and additionally as United Party of Roscamistan Whip 16 April 2022
8 Jebediah Powell For services to the opposition 25 June 2022