Deputy Prime Minister of Mervustan

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Deputy Prime Minister of the Province of Mervustan
Flag of Mervustan

since 2 May 2022
Executive Council of Mervustan
StyleThe Honourable
ResidenceRenmore House
AppointerGovernor of Mervustan (on nomination of the Prime Minister of Mervustan)
Term lengthAt pleasure of the Legislative Assembly of Mervustan
Inaugural holderDavid Moore
SuccessionLieutenant Governor
Unofficial namesDeputy Premier of Mervustan
Vice-Premier of Mervustan

The Deputy Prime Minister, officially the Deputy Prime Minister of the Province of Mervustan, was the deputy head of government of the Province of Mervustan, and deputy chairman of the Mervustan Executive Council. The Deputy Prime Minister was appointed by the Governor of Mervustan on the advice and nomination of the Prime Minister of Mervustan and served at the pleasure of the Legislative Assembly (which was normally one year, though a session could be extended or dissolved early).


On 27 April 2021, the Province of Mervustan was created from a merger of Mervue Province, and a few surrounding colonies. The Prime Minister of the Former Renmore Colony, David Moore became the first Deputy Prime Minister under Anthony Hanlon. He lost his national position of Defence Secretary on 23 June 2021, after the return of Thomas Jacobs to the presidency of Roscamistan. He remained the deputy prime minister.

On 28 June 2021, Matthew Hanlon became the second Prime Minister of Mervustan, with Moore as his deputy. He stayed in his position until 3 November 2021, when he declared incapacitated by the Central Government. David Moore succeeded Evan, leaving the deputy premiership vacant temporarily. On 4 November 2021, Dean Merritt was appointed the second Deputy Prime Minister by Thomas Jacobs. Upon David’s resignation, Dean Merritt succeeded him, leaving the deputy position vacant until the appointment of Wojieck Nowak as Deputy Prime Minister.

The office of Deputy Prime Minister was abolished on 2 May 2022, after the presidential devolution referendum passed. The office’s duties were absorbed into the Lieutenant Governor.

Role and responsibilities

The Deputy Prime Minister was responsible to the Governor of Mervustan, the Legislative Assembly and the Prime Minister of Mervustan. The Deputy Prime Minister served at the pleasure of the Legislative Assembly, though he could be sacked by the Prime Minister with approval of either the Assembly or the Governor.

The main duties in the broadest sense were:

  • Deputising for the Prime Minister when he could not exercise his powers.
  • Become Acting Prime Minister if the incumbent died, resigned or impeached.
  • Propose legislation in the Assembly.
  • Advising the Governor in matters of appointments and dismissal.

List of Deputy Prime Ministers

No. Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 David Moore
(Unknown 2008– present)
Independent 27 April 2021 3 November 2021
2 Dean Merritt
(Unknown 2008 - present)
UPR 3 November 2021 4 December 2021
3 Wojieck Nowak
(29 June 2007 - present)
UPR 7 March 2022 2 May 2022