Legislative Assembly (Galway City)

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Legislative Assembly of Galway City

Tionól na Gaillimhe (Irish)
1st Legislative Assembly
Logo of the Assembly
since 20 June 2022
Marco Hasse, RDPF (NCL)
since 9 March 2023 (de facto)
Chris de Constantin, RDPF (IND)
since 9 March 2023
First past the post voting in single member constituencies
Meeting place
Central Galway City

The Legislative Assembly of Galway City (Irish: Tionól na Gaillimhe), and unofficially the Galwegian Legislative Assembly, is the unicameral regional legislature of Galway City. The assembly was established in executive order 45 on 15 May 2022.[1] The assembly is made up of five seats, elected from single member constituencies by first past the post voting. The assembly is presided over by the Speaker, who is appointed by the members, titled members of the Legislative Assembly, in an all assembly vote. The Governor of Galway City is permitted to be a member of the assembly but is not allowed to be the speaker.


The Assembly was created by Executive Order 45 on 15 May 2022, with elections set for 3 June 2022. The Provincial Assembly was renamed to Legislative Assembly in line with the Provincial Government Act.

Role in Galway City

The Assembly is the legislature in Galway City, with responsibilities for the following matters delegated for:

  • Health services
  • Culture
  • Government of the regions
  • Provincial transport
  • Galway Defence Regiment
  • Provincial interior issues
  • Provincial finance
  • Language