Ministry of Defence and War (Ballinfoyleburg)

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Ministry of Defence and War
Aireacht Cosanta agus Cogadh (Irish)
Ministerium für Verteidigung und Krieg (German)
Agency overview
Formed18 December 2021
TypeDefence ministry
HeadquartersNeu Königsberg
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • vacant, Minister of State for Veteran Affairs
Parent AgencyCouncil of Minister

The Ministry of Defence and War is the department of the executive branch of the Government of Ballinfoyleburg that is responsible for national security and defence matters. It is led by the Minister of Defence and War, currently Jan Kotoński since 15 March 2022.


The Ministry of Defence and War was established on 18 December 2021 after the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg was declared independent. Ludwig Collins became the 1st Minister of Defence and War, serving from 18 December 2021 to 15 March 2022.

During Collins’ time in office, he created the Ballinfoylish Wehrmacht, nearly fought a war against Roscamistan over border issues on 30 December 2021, prevented an uprising after the resignation of Sean Mulryan on 13 January 2022, and help the nation’s progress. On 15 March 2022 Vice President Jan Kotoński was appointed to the office, and began work on a future space program.


The Ministry is responsible for the national defence and military matters of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. The Ministry also manages the civil part of the administration of the Ballinfoylish Wehrmacht.


The Minister of Defence and War is the head of the Ministry and the cabinet minister responsible for defence and national security.