Sepranan Democratic Republic

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Sepranan Democratic Republic
Sepranan Demokratiese Republiek (Afrikaans)
Poblacht Dhaonlathach Sepranan (Irish)
Flag of Seprana
Anthem: The Democratic Revolution
and largest city
Election Island
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Irish (Majority)
Roman Catholicism (Offical and State Religion)
GovernmentUnitary Catholic semi-presidential republic
• President
Thomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Jan Kotoński
LegislatureGrand National Assembly
Independence from Ireland
• People’s Republic
10 January 2022
• Thomas Jacobs becomes de facto leader
11 January 2022
• Roscam peninsula islets ceded from Roscamistan
19 January 2022
• Communism abolished
4 February 2022
• Semi-presidential system declared
4 February 2022
• State of emergency ends
20 February 2022
• Seprana dissolves
5 July 2022
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
• Estimate
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD(proposed) .se

The Sepranan Democratic Republic, more commonly known as Seprana (formerly the Sepranan People’s Republic) was a self proclaimed sovereign state, better known as a micronation, located in Ireland. The official languages of the republic were English, Irish and Afrikaans. It was founded by Thomas Jacobs, the first Prime Minister of Seprana as an attempt to restore Republican government in Zeprana after Charles Madgett became figurehead King in a personal union. It eventually became a full Irish nation when it declared in late January 2022 it was not a replacement for Zeprana but a different entity.

Seprana was a Catholic semi-presidential republic, under leadership of the President and the Prime Minister. It followed a passive foreign policy.


The name of Seprana was originally called Zeprana after the Grand Republic of Zeprana, but changed its name after attention from the then Governor-General Terry McKeen III of Zeprana to change the name so Thomas changed the name to the Sepranan People’s Republic.


The nation was founded on 10 January 2022, by Thomas Jacobs, Eryn Diaz, and several others in protest of the introduction of a monarchy in the Grand Republic of Zeprana. Originally founded as a socialist state called the Sepranan People’s Republic, the Sepranan Communist Party was soon created and registered as the sole party after independence, along with the Premier, the Supreme Council, and the State Presidency. Jacobs became the first Premier, whilst Diaz become State President. The government grew rapidly in the first few hours and days, with activity being a main focus of the People’s Republic.

Flag of the Sepranan People’s Republic, taken from the logo of the Communist Party of Ireland.

On 13 January 2022, the State Presidency was abolished, removing Diaz from the government, and the Council of State was formed, to act as the collective head of state. The People’s Executive, under the leadership of Premier and Party General Secretary Jacobs continued to exercise near complete control over Government. On 19 January 2022, Jacobs was made acting Chairman of the Council of State, making him both head of state as head of the State Council, and head of government as Premier. Ludwig Collins was appointed Vice Premier in this time as well.

On 28 January 2022, Jacobs resigned as Premier, ceding it to Vice Premier Collins, and created the post of President, replacing the Council of State’s duty as head of state. Jacobs continued as Party General Secretary, thus keeping a large amount of influence over the new Premier.

After a realisation of the disfunction of the People’s Republic, President Jacobs initiated a self-coup against the People’s Executive and Premier Collins. The Communist Party, which had from independence been the single party of state, was abolished, the People’s Executive was abolished and replaced by the State Affairs Commission, a shift was made to a semi-presidential system, and change of the Premiership to Prime Minister. Collins was reappointed as head of government, as Prime Minister, forming his second ministry, along with the Grand National Assembly being created.

On 7 April 2022, President Thomas Jacobs began a series of reforms after a long stretch of inactivity, scrapping the State Affairs Commission in favour of the Cabinet of Ministers, and setting the amount of seats in the Grand National Assembly to 9. The positions of Minister of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Finance and Transportation were made.

On 5 July 2022, after discussions between Jacobs and Collins, Seprana was dissolved, and its territory absorbed into the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg as the Free Socialist State of Seprana.

Politics and government

Seprana was a Catholic semi-presidential republic, the executive branch was divided between the President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers. The President was elected for a three year term. There was also the Vice President, who assisted with the running of the Presidency. The Cabinet of Ministers was the executive branch of the Government of Seprana. The Grand National Assembly served as the legislative branch of the Government.

Law and order

The Supreme Court controled all judicial matters in its multiple branches. The head of the judicial branch was the Chief Justice.

Foreign relations

Seprana followed a more aggressive approach to diplomatic relations. The nations it had diplomacy with are:


The military of Seprena was the People’s Defence Forces, headed by the President as Supreme Commander in Chief and headed day to day by the Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Defence Forces.


The dominant religion in Seprana was Roman Catholicism.

Geography and climate

The republic is mainly a wet climate, and low-land.


The nation was run in a socialist system, and was managed by the Ministry of Economics and Social Care, headed by the Minister of Economics.

Culture and media

Seprana was influenced by Roscamistan, its closest neighbour.

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