President of Seprana

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President of the Sepranan Democratic Republic
Uachtarán na Seprana (Irish)
Flag of the President

since 5 July 2022
StyleMr President (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusExecutive Head of State
Commander in Chief
AppointerDirect election
Term length3 Years (Renewable infinitely)
Inaugural holderEryn Diaz (As State President)
Final holderThomas Jacobs
SuccessionGovernor of the Free State of Seprana (see Conor Newman)
DeputyVice President of Seprana

The President of Seprana, officially the President of the Sepranan Democratic Republic, was the head of state of the Sepranan Democratic Republic and Commander in Chief of the Sepranan Defence Forces. The President was an executive position in the semi presidential system, being chief executive. The Prime Minister of Seprana was the de facto chief executive, being chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers.


The Presidency was originally created as the State President, a ceremonial position. Eryn Diaz was made the first State President. On 13 January 2022, the State-Presidency was abolished and replaced with the Council of State. The presidency was re-established as a directly elected position on 28 January 2022, with the Premier, Thomas Jacobs resigning his position to become the President (remaining the General Secretary of the Sepranan Communist Party.)

Election and rules of succession

The President was elected by direct vote every three years with no term limits. If a President resigned before his term was over, the Vice President acted as President until an election can be held. The President was also Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces. If the Vice President was unable to exercise the powers of the Presidency in absence of the President, the Prime Minister of Seprana acted until an election could be held.

List of State-Presidents and Presidents

No. Picture Name Political party Term begin Term end
State Presidents (10 - 13 January 2022)
1 File:Eryn Diaz pfp.png Eryn Diaz Communist 10 January 2022 13 January 2022
Presidents (28 January 2022 - 5 July 2022)
1[a] Thomas Jacobs
(3 February 2008 – present)
Socialist 28 January 2022 5 July 2022
Seprana dissolves


  1. Second singular head of state overall