Council of State (Seprana)

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Council of State of the Sepranan Democratic Republic
An Chomhairle Stáit (Irish)
Council of State
PredecessorState President of Seprana
SuccessorPresident of Seprana
Formation12 January 2022
FounderThomas Jacobs
Founded atGovernorate of the Oranmore Bay Islets, Sepranan People’s Republic
Legal statusAdvisory Body
PurposeAdvising the President
HeadquartersGovernorate of the Oranmore Bay Islets
Membership (At the President’s pleasure)
Official language
Thomas Jacobs
Key people
Thomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Parent organization
Cabinet of Ministers (Seprana)
SecessionsAll year
AffiliationsCabinet of Ministers Seprana)
Formerly called
State President of Seprana

The Council of State of Seprana was the advisory body of the President of Seprana, who appointed the Prime Minister and the members of the Cabinet of Ministers. It was formed after the original Presidency of Seprana was abolished by Premier Thomas Jacobs. It became a less powerful body with the recreation of the Presidency, with Thomas Jacobs as the first President and second head of state overall.


After the revolution that started the Sepranan People’s Republic that made Eryn Diaz ceremonial State President, Thomas Jacobs didn’t want a single person as head of state, so two days after 10 January 2022, he abolished the Presidency, replacing with the Council of State. It became a simple advisory body as the Presidency of Seprana was reformed with Thomas Jacobs as President.


  • Advised the President of Seprana
  • Legislating for the Grand National Assembly when it was out of session