Sepranan Communist Party

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Sepranan Communist Party
Páirtí Cumannaí na duine Seprana
General SecretaryThomas Jacobs (last)
PresidiumThomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
FounderThomas Jacobs
Eryn Diaz
Founded10 January 2022 (2022-01-10)
BannedFebruary 4, 2022 (2022-02-04)
Succeeded bySocialist Party
HeadquartersGovernorate of the Oranmore Bay
Membership (At dissolution)4
Political positionFar-left
SloganWorkers of Seprana, free yourself!
Supreme Council
4 / 4
(at dissolution)

The Sepranan Communist Party (abbreviation: PCDS) was a far-left Marxist party in the Sepranan People’s Republic, and was the only legal party during the people’s republic era. The Communist Party was formed by General Secretary Thomas Jacobs and Eryn Diaz, the first Premier and first State President respectively on 10 January 2022. At its height, it had most of the citizens of Seprana in the party. It held effective control over the People’s Executive and the Supreme Council. After the Democratic Revolution, the party was banned, and replaced by the democratic Socialist Party, which itself would dissolve after Seprana’s annexation by Ballinfoyleburg, as the Free State of Seprana (now known as the Free Socialist State of Seprana).