Socialist Party (Seprana)

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Socialist Party of Seprana
First SecretaryThomas Jacobs
PresidiumThomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Jan Kotoński
FounderThomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Founded4 February 2022 (2022-02-04)
DissolvedJuly 5, 2022 (2022-07-05)
Preceded byCommunist Party
HeadquartersGovernorate of the Oranmore Bay
Membership (At dissolution)4
Christian socialism
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
SloganFreedom for all oppressed
Grand National Assembly
3 / 5
Party flag

The Socialist Party was a left-wing political party in the Sepranan Democratic Republic, succeeding the Communist Party. It existed from 4 February 2022 to 5 July 2022, dissolving when Seprana was annexed by Ballinfoyleburg. The party was led by Thomas Jacobs until its dissolution. It served as the only party in Seprana, albeit without the one party state in place in the People’s Republic.