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Raphaël Olivier
4th Congressional Majority Leader
Assumed office
4 October 2023
WhipAli Farrokhzad
Preceded byMatthew T.
1st President of Georgienstine
In office
23 August 2021[a] – 21 August 2023
Vice PresidentTom Mark (2021-2022)
Sean Dunkerque (2022-present)
Preceded byJimmy Foddle (Acting)[b]
Succeeded byAlexandre Olivier
In office
25 June 2020 – 20 August 2021
Vice PresidentRaiponce Delaniche
Preceded byHimself (as King of Syldavia)
Succeeded byJimmy Foddle (Acting)
Personal details
Born2007 (age 16)
Quebec, Canada
Political party

Raphaël Olivier (born 2007) is a Canadian micronational politician, political commentator and public speaker. A member of Georgienstine First, he served as President of Georgienstine from August 2020 to August 2023. He was succeded by his twin brother and Majority Leader Alexandre Olivier.

Early life

Raphaël Olivier was born in 2007 in Quebec, Canada.

Micronational political career


First term (2020-2021)

On 25 June 2020, Olivier was declared President of Georgienstine, after having served one week as King of Syldavia. House and Senate elections were set for 3-4 July 2020 and presidential elections were set for 16-18 July. In the House and Senate elections, Olivier's party the Nationalist Party (later renamed Georgienstine First) received a majority of seats in both houses. In the presidential election, Olivier and his running mate Raiponce DeLaniche defeated his sole opponent, Governor Benjamin Olson of the Labour Party, receiving 58.3% of the vote and Olson receiving 41.7%.

During Olivier's first term, he focused mostly on establishing government institutions in the newly founded micronation and growing the micronation. In September 2020, the states of Georgopol and Drayton were admitted to the union. During this time, Olivier became very popular among Georgienstinians from England known as "Brits", who formed a large voting bloc. Throughout the years, he received the help of numerous "Brits" such as Tom Mark (who served as his vice president from 2022-2023), Ann Mark, Jimmy Foddle and Guy Watts.

The issue of presidential term limits dominated Georgienstinian political discourse in the first half of Olivier's term. Olivier was said to be term-limited as he had served many years as head of state of Coronia. Political researchers nowadays believe this analysis to be flawed and claim that Olivier was eligible for another term, as his time as head of state of Coronia did not count as a presidential term. Olivier promised to propose an act to abolish term limits after the November 2020 congressional election, which was opposed by the Movement for Socialism. However, Olivier did not present the act as Speaker Ali Farrokhzad refused to hold a debate on it. Farrokhzad eventually resigned as Speaker in late November and an act abolishing presidential and vice presidential term limits was passed on 1 December. Three days later, Olivier announced his re-election bid.

On 30 January 2021, Olivier announced Secretary of State Jimmy Foddle as his running mate. However, Foddle had been criticized for making the party "unserious" as he had become an internet meme and was replaced on 26 March 2021 by former Speaker of Congress Tom Mark. On 21 March 2021, Olivier was chosen as Georgienstine First's nominee in the presidential election winning 92.3% of the vote.

On 10 March 2021, Georgienstine ratified a new constitution written by Olivier. The constitution has since faced criticism for being too vague and up to deduction.

During the 2021 presidential election campaign, Olivier and his running mate Tom Mark ran a campaign described as very partisan and taking many conservative and right-wing positions. The campaign has been described as Georgienstine's most active and most interesting. Three debates were held between the candidates, where Olivier was largely perceived as having had a good performance, unlike in the 2020 election's debate where many perceived Benjamin Olson as having had a better performance.

Second term (2021-2022)

In the 2021 presidential election, Olivier and his running mate Tom Mark were re-elected in the second round of voting, defeating Benjamin Olson of the Socialist Labour Party, receiving 57.1% of the vote and Olson receiving 42.9%. In the first round of voting, Olivier was unable to get a majority of the vote, receiving 50.0%, Olson receiving 33.3%, Azerianus Severanus receiving 9.6% and Renzo Wessels receiving 4.8%. Olivier and Mark were inaugurated on 24 August 2021 following a three-day delay, in which Jimmy Foddle served as acting president.

Shortly after his election, in the August 2021 congressional election, Georgienstine First received for the first and sole time in its history a plurality in seats, receiving 6/16 and 37.1% of the vote. Originally, GF maintained its majority, as the Liberal Party continued caucusing with them giving them a majority of seats. However, on 7 September 2021, the Liberals merged into the Federalists, who in turn decided to form a multi-ideological alliance with the SLP, Solidarity Party and independents to take the majority and flip control of Congress, making Benjamin Olson the Majority Leader. However, on 11 September 2021, four days later, GF took back control of Congress by convincing NPP congressmen Roy Jackson and Renzo Wessels to caucus with them. In the October 2021 congressional election, GF won a majority of seats.

Despite having been re-elected by campaigning as a right-wing firebrand, in late 2021, Olivier took a much more unifying, bipartisan and moderate approach to Georgienstine. By doing so, Olivier began working close to more moderate members of the Vision Georgienstine alliance, such as May Junkin. Olivier's new approach was mostly popular among the GF electorate, with the exception of a small faction led by Andrew Perdomo who ended up forming the unsuccessful Populist Bloc.

On 23 November 2021, the controversial Defence of Democracy Act was passed.

On 25 December 2022, during his Christmas address, Olivier announced his re-election bid and said he would be running with his Vice President Tom Mark. On 19 March, Tom Mark, who had been criticized by many for inactivity as Vice President, withdrew from the campaign at his request. The same day, Olivier was chosen as Georgienstine First's nominee in the presidential election winning 84.6% of the vote and 8/9 delegates. Olivier chose Speaker Andrew Perdomo, his primary opponent and former leader of the Populist Bloc, as his running mate. However, Perdomo was unpopular with many members due to his past harsh criticism of Olivier and the party and on 18 May 2022 was removed as the running mate and replaced by Logan White. On 10 June 2022, White withdrew as the vice-presidential nominee, after criticism from the party for presenting the Secularism Act without permission and partaking in a filibuster. On 23 June 2022, Olivier announced Speaker Ali Farrokhzad as his running mate, his fourth one since he announced his bid.

On 5 March 2022, Olivier oversaw and drafted an act to merge the two states of Georgopol and Drayton. In the March 2022 congressional election, which saw GF make major gains and saw VG fall from around half to around 1/3rd of the vote, beginning an era referred to as the "Era of GF domination", in which GF was very strong electorally and active, whereas their opponents VG were very weak and inactive. The era lasted from March 2022 to September 2022.

During the 2022 presidential election campaign, Olivier and his running mate Ali Farrokhzad ran a campaign described as very bipartisan and unifying, whereas his opponent Ben Olson ran an inactive campaign. Two debates were held between the major candidates.

Third term (2022-2023)

In the 2022 presidential election, Olivier and his running mate Ali Farrokhzad were re-elected in the first round of voting, defeating Benjamin Olson of the Free Democrats, receiving 58.6% of the vote and Olson receiving 31.0%, Sullivan Matthews receiving 6.9% and Silas Wurnbash receiving 3.4%.

On 11 August 2022, Olivier called a referendum to change Georgienstine's official name to "Social Republic". The GF membership was split over the change and Olivier refused to take a position on it. On 16 August, the Yes side won with 66.7% of the vote to the No's side 33.3%.

On 15 December 2022, the governor of Salem Renzo Wessels announced the illegal secession of the state of Salem. The move was criticized by the entirety of the Georgienstinian political establishment, with only a few former politicians such as Addison O'Halloran and Logan White announcing their support. The illegal secession and crisis lasted 8 hours.

From late 2022 to July 2023, Olivier led a bipartisan movement to merge the two states of Raphaelistan and Salem due to both states' inactivity and low active population though the merger was ardently opposed by Raphaelistan's governor Sullivan Matthews. On 18 May 2023, a referendum to merge both states tied 50-50. The result was very uncertain, with some pro-merger figures such as Minority Leader Nicolas Caiazzo and Vice President Ali Farrokhzad claiming that Congress should decide whether to merge or not whereas Sullivan Matthews claimed that the tie meant that a merger should not happen and that voters had rejected the merger. Olivier opposed both views, instead proposing to hold another merger shortly in the future. After a longer-than-expected wait, a new referendum was called for 30 July 2023, which passed with 67% voting in favour. The results were initially condemned by Governor Matthews, who promised to obstruct the merger as much as he could, but after a long discussion with Olivier, Matthews announced his support for the merger. An act to officialize the merger has been presented and is being debated in the National Congress.

On 30 April 2023, Olivier announced his decision to not run for a fourth term as president but said he would finish his term. Shortly thereafter, Vice President Ali Farrokhzad, and Majority Leader and Olivier's twin brother Alexandre Olivier both announced their candidacies. Olivier stayed neutral in the race, which was won by Olivier, who received 71% of the vote and 4/6 delegates. Afterwards, Olivier endorsed his brother for president.

On 25 June 2023, the controversial Desecration of the Flag Act was passed. On 9 July 2023, Georgienstine hosted the 2023 MAFA World Cup, which was won by Qardasha.

Alexandre Olivier's campaign for president and the presidential campaign itself were both described as inactive by political commentators. In the first round, Olivier received 42.3%, Nicolas Caiazzo of the Left Bloc received 34.6%, Andrew Perdomo received 11.5%, Sullivan Matthews received 7.7% and Silas Wurnbash received 3.9%. During the second round campaign, Olivier became much more involved in his brother's campaign and led the campaign efforts. In the second round, Olivier and his running mate former Speaker Roy Jackson were elected, receiving 57.7% of the vote and Caiazzo receiving 42.3%.

Olivier and Jackson were sworn in and took office on 21 August 2023.

Post presidency (2023-present)

Olivier left the presidency on 21 August 2023, though he remained governor of Castel, as a congressman and as leader of Georgienstine First. On 4 October 2023, following the results of the October 2023 Georgienstinian congressional election, in which the far-left Purple Front finished second, Olivier was acclaimed as Majority Leader of the multi-party "grand coalition", consisting of Georgienstine First, Vision Georgienstine and the Labour Democratic Party.


Olivier was first elected to the People's National Congress of Benjastan in May 2020 under the Shooters’ Fishers’ and Farmers’ Party. He joined into a coalition with the Workers' Party of Benjastan after having refused to join one led by the Benjastanian Democratic Union.

During his time as a congressman, Olivier showed strong bipartisan support for the government and endorsed Ben Olson for re-election. Olson was re-elected defeating Crispin Speakman and Mo Olson. It is believed that Olivier's endorsement was crucial for avoiding a second round. On 11 September 2020, he replaced Gus Rósínśtí as Secretary of State. Following the July 2020 Benjastanian Congressional Election, Olivier resigned as Secretary of State to become the Minority Leader.

Olivier led the campaign against the reforms presented by President Ben Olson during 2020 Benjastanian Democratic Referendum. After the release of the results, Olivier delivered a speech saying stating that he would "continue the fight". The same day, Aidan Clifford resigned as a congressman, he was replaced by Addison Dillon. On 1 September 2020, Olson signed Executive Order #9 revoking the reforms.

Olivier's party, Patrioto came in third during the September 2020 Benjastanian congressional election. However, due to the Reason Party deciding to caucus with the Party for Socialism and Liberty, Olivier remained as Minority Leader. After the election, Olivier said he was considering a presidential run in 2022. Due to low polling numbers for potential Reason Party candidates, Olivier has been considered as incumbent president Olson’ most important opponent.

Benjastan held a referendum on 4 February 2021 to create a non-partisan consensus government. Olivier supported these reforms and the reforms passed. On 4 April 2021, a multi-party system was reintroduced following a referendum. On 11 April 2021, Patrioto won 2 seats.

West River

On 10 October 2020, Olivier became a citizen of the West River Confederation. He endorsed Ben Olson for president during the 2020 Riveri presidential election and was appointed Interim-Secretary of the Environment on 18 October 2020. The same day, he founded the National Party.

In the 2020 Riveri National Assembly election, Olivier was elected as a Member of the Riveri National Assembly from Logastan and his party elected one more member from Picklesine. On 22 November 2020, Olivier was confirmed as Secretary of the Environment. In the February 2021 Riveri National Assembly election, Olivier was re-elected in Logastan and his party held their 2 seats despite winning a smaller percentage of the vote than in the last election. In the July 2021 Riveri Plurinational Assembly election, Olivier was re-elected in Logastan, his party won three seats and won the popular vote.

Political positions

Raphaël Olivier identifies as a conservative and capitalist.

Personal life

Olivier resides in Castel with his parents and his brother. Olivier is a practicing Catholic.


  1. Olivier served as head of state from 26 December 2016 to 21 August 2023.
  2. Olivier was set to be inaugurated at 12:00 on 20 August 2021, but missed the time. Since Olivier's term ended at 12:00, Secretary of State Jimmy Foddle, became acting president until the inauguration. (since there was no vice president or Speaker)