Party for Socialism and Liberty (Benjastan)

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Party for Socialism and Liberty
Partio por Socialismo kaj Libereco
LeaderCollective Leadership
SpokespersonBen Olson
President of BenjastanBen Olson
Vice President of BenjastanSha'uri Ellis
First Secretary of BenjastanGus Rósínśtí
Founded20 May 2020
Dissolved13 December 2020
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationNew Micronations Internationale
Colors  Red
SloganWorkers of the World, Unite!

The Party for Socialism and Liberty, also known as the Workers' Party and Socialist Workers' Party, was a political party in the Democratic Republic of Benjastan that existed from 2018 until the country adopted a non-partisan government in late-2020. It was the ruling party in the nation for the entirety of its existence.

Notable Members