National Medal of Honour (Benjastan)

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National Medal of Honour
Official Medal
Awarded by the
President of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan
TypeMedal of Honour
EstablishedJuly 2018
MottoGreatness For Humanity
Awarded forExceptional act of service to humanity.
StatusCurrently awarded
GradesFirst Class (MOH1)
Second Class(MOH2)
Third Class (MOH3)
First inductionJuly 2018
Total inductees6

The National Medal of Honour is the highest award in Benjastan. It is only awarded by the President, for "exceptional acts of service to humanity".


Country Pre-Nominals Name Post-Nominals Awarded Class Notes
 Canada Reverend Doctor Barbara Fullerton PhD June 2018 First Class
 Canada Mister Robert Johnson June 2018 Third Class
 Canada Mister Christopher Mallon June 2019 Second Class
 Pakistan Miss Malala Yousafzai July 2019 First Class Did not accept
 United States His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I July 2019 First Class Posthumous
 Benjastan His Eminence Ben Olson BNO, OTR November 2019 First Class
 Sweden Miss Greta Thunberg December 2019 First Class Did not accept