Reason Party (Benjastan)

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Reason Party
LeaderCollective leadership
Founded2 September 2020
Dissolved13 December 2020
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
Colors  Teal
SloganAuthenticity, Democracy, Inclusiveness

The Reason Party was a left-wing political party in Benjastan that supported the ideals of anti-capitalism, communism, environmentalism, feminism, secularism, pacifism, libertarianism and direct democracy. The main goal of the party was to create real democracy through daily practices, self-governance experiments, socialization of knowing and popular participation in government, and to bring about through radical reform a fair and equal, ecologically conscious and radically democratic communist society, built upon mutual aid and human solidarity.

The party supported a transition from a representative democracy to electronic direct democracy, LGBTQ+ and women's rights, decentralization of the government, worker's self-management, common ownership over the land and natural resources, democratization of the workplace, and environmentalist policies. It also advocated for the eventual abolishment of currency in favor of a decentralized planned economy, the establishment of an anti-militarist and pacifist foreign policy, freedom from state regulation and church interference in personal relationships, including separation of the state from sexual matters such as prostitution, birth control, and adultery and the replacement of marriages with free unions of adults, and a strong demarcation between religion and politics.

The party was founded by activist Gaia Grìbhinneach and was joined by several members of the Workers' Party who were disillusioned by the party's shift from Anarchism to Picklism. The party was criticized by President Benjamin Pickles as "unnecessary", claiming that the Workers' Party already supported the Reason Party's policies.