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Raphaël Patrice Olivier

Olivier Portrait.png
Official portrait, 2020
1st President of Georgienstine
Assumed office
23 August 2021[a]
Vice PresidentTom Mark
Preceded byJimmy Foddle (Acting)[b]
In office
25 June 2020 – 20 August 2021
Vice PresidentVacant
Alexandre Olivier
Raiponce Delaniche
Tom Mark
Preceded byHimself (as King of Syldavia)
Succeeded byJimmy Foddle (Acting)
1st and 3rd King of Syldavia
In office
26 October 2020 – 28 April 2021
Preceded byAlexandre I
Succeeded byVincent I
In office
17 June 2020 – 25 June 2020
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byAlexandre Olivier
1st Prime Minister of Concordia
Assumed office
3 January 2021[c]
MonarchAlexandre I
Preceded byOffice established
Leader of the Opposition of West River
Assumed office
24 October 2020
DeputyAlexandre Olivier
Preceded byOffice established
1st Deputy Prime Minister of Rhodesia
Assumed office
18 September 2020
Prime MinisterTom Mark
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Riveri National Assembly
from Logastan
Assumed office
24 October 2020
Serving with Logan Jack
Preceded byMulti-member district
Personal details
Born20 September 2007 (2007-09-20) (age 14)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Political party
RelationsAlexandre Olivier (brother)

Raphaël Patrice Olivier Miller (born 20 September 2007) is a micronational politician, political commentator, diplomat and public speaker. He is the leader of Georgienstine First, the National Party (West River) and Patrioto (Benjastan). He has also served as President of Georgienstine since August 2020 and head of state since December 2021. Since August 2021, Tom Mark has been his vice president.

He has also served as the 1st and 3rd King of Syldavia, as the 1st Prime Minister of Concordia since January 2020, as the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Rhodesia since September 2020, as the Leader of the Opposition of West River since October 2020 and as a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Benjastan since May 2020.

Outside of micronationalism, Olivier is a campaign volunteer for the Conservative Party of Canada and campaigned for the party during the 2021 Canadian federal election. Olivier's political positions have been described as right-wing populist, social conservative and national conservative.

Early life

Raphaël Olivier was born on 20 September 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Micronational political career


Foundation & Principe (2016-2018)

First term

Olivier founded Principe, known today as Georgienstine, on 26 December 2016 with the help of his father, Sébastien. Olivier had created the nation as according to him, he had always wished to "lead a country". The nation had two heads of state, a president and a Supreme leader. Olivier invented a currency and established an armed forces. He was unanimously elected president under the newly formed big tent New Democratic Party. He appointed his brother, Alexandre Olivier as vice president, days after the election. Following the election, Principe became largely inactive.

Coronia (2018-2020)

Prime Minister of Coronia

In early 2018, Olivier found documents from Principe and put some of his friends in important positions of power. The nation was renamed Coronia by a unanimous vote. Sébastien had resigned as Supreme Leader days prior to the abolition of the duchy. Olivier was made prime minister by the House of Commons and appointed Christopher Studios, a friend from Alaska to the post of Governor-General. An election was called and Olivier's Conservative Party was defeated by Studio's Republican Party. Olivier conceded the election later that night.

Studio was inaugurated as prime minister two weeks later and immediately held a referendum on keeping the office of the governor-general, an office that Olivier now held. The referendum's results showed that 60% of citizens had voted to abolish the office and this was done immediately after the results had been released. Studio then dissolved the House of Commons and declared himself Emperor of Coronia.

Coup d'état

On April 24, 2018, the day of Studio's online coronation, governor Harry Me of the state of Dawn seceded from the union to join the newly formed Federation of Coronia led by Olivier. On April 25, 2018, the governor of Rose Aidan Clifford and the governor of Lagon Isabelle Miller announced that their states had seceded from the union to join the federation. On April 26, 2018, Alexandre Olivier, the governor of Concordia who had remained neutral during the conflict did the same. The same day, the empire announced that it was planning an invasion of Concordia, however, this never happened. On April 27, 2018, the state of Wirt was annexed by the federation and a siege had been launched on the state of Celestia. After it had been announced that the Royal Palace had been taken by Federation forces, Studio surrendered and renounced his citizenship. That same day, Olivier was declared President by the newly formed National Assembly.

Second term

Olivier was elected president as a candidate for the National Union on 10 June 2018. He defeated Perceval Gallois of the far-right Faithful Party and Vice-President Alexandre Olivier of the libertarian Libertas Party. Raphaël chose Alexandre as his vice president once again after the election. The election was largely overshadowed by a general election won by the Libertas Party.

In August 2018, the states of Near-Coronia, New Coronia, the North Eastern Territories, King's Land, Duplessis, New Celestia and New Concordia were accepted into the union.

On 10 July 2019, elections were held for the Senate and National Assembly. For the National Assembly, Action Coronia, who was formerly known as Libertas, won 36.4% of the vote, the Harry Party won 18.2%, the Monarchist Party won 13.6% and the seven other parties won 4.5% of the vote. Action Coronia's leader, Alexandre Olivier claimed to have won more than 50% of the vote before voting had closed. He resigned as prime minister and was succeeded by Speaker Perceval Gallois. On 24 July 2019, Alexandre rebecame prime minister following a coup d'état led by Raphaël.

Ossetia & Syldavia (2020)

In January 2020, Coronia was renamed Ossetia following a unanimous vote by the Zemsky Sobor. Days later, it became an absolute monarchy. On 17 June 2020, Ossetia was renamed Syldavia. Olivier was made Tsar and Logan White was made Tsarevich and acting Prime Minister.

Georgienstine (2020-present)

Acting presidency

On 25 June 2020, Syldavia was renamed Georgienstine and became a democratic republic. Olivier formed the Nationalist Party.

Third term & 2020 presidential election

On 18 July 2020, Olivier was re-elected president for a third term as head of state, defeating Labour Party nominee, Benjamin Pickles. This was the first election with Raiponce Delaniche as his running mate. On 7 September 2020, the state of Georgopol was admitted into the union. On 25 September 2020, the Nationalist Party was renamed Georgienstine First. On 30 September 2020, the state of Drayton (formerly Victoriaville) was admitted into the union. On 28 October 2020, a nationwide referendum was held to merge the National House of Representatives and the National Senate. The referendum passed with 87.5% voting in favour. Olivier had changed his position on the issue in the midst of the campaign but ended up supporting the merger. On 1 December 2020, an amendment to the constitution abolishing presidential term limits was passed in the National Congress, with 10 congresspeople voting in favour, 2 voting against and 4 abstaining. On 19 February 2021, Olivier made himself the nominee for Secretary of Energy and was confirmed. On 10 March 2021, Olivier wrote and ratified a new constitution for Georgienstine. This constitution was similar to the one being replaced, however, it was more simple and included reforms to the Supreme Court.

Throughout Olivier's first term, he heavily relied on the National Congress to pass legislation and used his seat in the congress to propose legislation on behalf of his administration.

2021 presidential election

On 4 December 2020, Olivier announced that he would run for a second term as president (fourth term as head of state). On 30 January 2021, following a selection process, it was announced that Secretary of State Jimmy Foddle would be Olivier's running mate. On 10 March 2021, it was announced that a second selection process would be held as many had complained that the first one had been too short. On 26 March 2021, former Speaker of the National Congress Tom Mark was made Olivier's running mate. During the final month of the first round's campaign, Olivier held many virtual events such as rallies and town halls, though he also held in-person events. In the first round of the 2021 presidential election, Olivier ascended to the second round with Benjamin Pickles, receiving 50.00% of the vote to Pickles's 33.33% In the second round, he defeated Pickles with 57.14% of the vote to Pickles's 42.86%. Pickles conceded the election afterwards.

Fourth term

Olivier was set to be inaugurated at 12:00 on 20 August 2021 but missed the time. Since Olivier's term ended at 12:00, Secretary of State Jimmy Foddle, became acting president until the inauguration, since there was no vice president or Speaker. Three days later he was inaugurated along with Tom Mark. During his fourth term, he has been praised by members of the Minority Caucus as a bipartisan figure. However, following the January 2022 Georgienstinian congressional election he announced a change in rhetoric, citing the failure to make gains among other parties, despite estimations of high approval ratings. From 7 February 2022 to 27 February 2022, Olivier was on a temporary leave of absence. This led to a temporary cessation of government activities, as Olivier was unable to serve in his numerous political positions and unofficially oversee activities.


People's National Congress (2020-present)

Political beginnings & SFF

Olivier was first elected to the People's National Congress of Benjastan in May 2020 under the Shooters’ Fishers’ and Farmers’ Party. He joined into a coalition with the Workers' Party of Benjastan after having refused to join one led by the Benjastanian Democratic Union.

During his time as a congressman, Olivier showed strong bipartisan support for the government and endorsed Benjamin Pickles for re-election. Pickles was re-elected defeating Crispin Speakman and Molly Pickles. It is believed that Olivier's endorsement was crucial for avoiding a second round. On 11 September 2020, he replaced Gus Rósínśtí as Secretary of State. Following the July 2020 Benjastanian Congressional Election, Olivier resigned as Secretary of State to become the Minority Leader.

2020 democratic referendum

Olivier led the campaign against the reforms presented by President Benjamin Pickles during 2020 Benjastanian Democratic Referendum. After the release of the results, Olivier delivered a speech saying stating that he would "continue the fight". The same day, Aidan Clifford resigned as a congressman, he was replaced by Addison Dillon. On 1 September 2020, Pickles signed Executive Order #9 revoking the reforms.


Olivier's party, Patrioto came in third during the September 2020 Benjastanian Congressional Election. However, due to the Reason Party deciding to caucus with the Party for Socialism and Liberty, Olivier remained as Minority Leader. After the election, Olivier said he was considering a presidential run in 2022. Due to low polling numbers for potential Reason Party candidates, Olivier has been considered as incumbent president Pickles’ most important opponent.

Benjastan held a referendum on 4 February 2021 to create a non-partisan consensus government. Olivier supported these reforms and the reforms passed. On 4 April 2021, a multi-party system was reintroduced following a referendum. On 11 April 2021, Patrioto won 2 seats.

West River

On 10 October 2020, Olivier became a citizen of the West River Confederation. He endorsed Benjamin Pickles for president during the 2020 Riveri presidential election and was appointed Interim-Secretary of the Environment on 18 October 2020. The same day, he founded the National Party.

In the 2020 Riveri National Assembly election, Olivier was elected as a Member of the Riveri National Assembly from Logastan and his party elected one more member from Picklesine. On 22 November 2020, Olivier was confirmed as Secretary of the Environment. In the February 2021 Riveri National Assembly election, Olivier was re-elected in Logastan and his party held their 2 seats despite winning a smaller percentage of the vote than in the last election. In the July 2021 Riveri Plurinational Assembly election, Olivier was re-elected in Logastan, his party won three seats and won the popular vote.


Olivier is the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister of Rhodesia and is the first one to ever serve in this role. He is also a member of the House of Lords, a First Minister, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary and a Judge. He is often credited for getting the National Party to merge into the Conservative Party.


Presidency (2021)

On 7 August 2021, Olivier was sworn in as acting president after having been chairman of the acting government for over a week. As president, Olivier made preparations for the presidential election.

On 9 August, Olivier was nominated by the National Party for president and filled to run as an independent with Alexandre Olivier as his running mate. Olivier was defeated by Addison Dillon who received 41.67% of the vote, Olivier's 33.33% and Benjamin Pickles received 25.0% of the vote. Dillon received 13 points, Pickles 12 and Olivier 11. Olivier conceded the election but blamed the borda count electoral system for his loss.

Post-presidency (2021-present)

Ever since his defeat, Olivier has stayed outside of Neptunian politics, despite numerous offers to receive certain positions. He was recently appointed to the Supreme Court and accepted the position, despite having been confirmed before accepting.

Activity in intermicronational organisations

When Georgienstine was named Coronia, Olivier was confirmed as Secretary of Defense in the League of Micronations. He was appointed as a member of the Intermicronational Court in the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation and he also founded the Micronational Red Cross an organ of the confederation. On 6 August 2020, he was elected chief justice of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation with 73.7% of the vote, becoming the first leader of a non-founder state to be in a position of power.

Macronational political career

Student Council

Presidential campaigns

Olivier’s elementary school held presidential elections from the third grade to the sixth grade. During his career, Olivier’s classes has always had ~25 students. Olivier ran for the first time in the third grade, which saw the most candidates run. Olivier and another classmate were widely seen as the front-runners. Olivier lost the election by a larger margin than expected and arrived in second place. Olivier ran again in the fourth grade and was once again seen as on of the front-runners. Olivier lost the election by a larger margin than expected.


In the fifth grade, Olivier ran again, against the incumbent president. This marked the first time when an incumbent president ran for re-election, in the school’s history. Olivier ran a campaigner mimicking Donald Trump, running under the slogan of “making the school great again” and having released a poster with pictures of Trump with his face replaced by Olivier’s. Despite expectations of a close race, Olivier won the election in a landslide victory, according to exit polls.

As president, he helped the school with special events and planned other events. In an article for the student newspaper, Olivier announced his re-election campaign. When registrations for the election in sixth grade were opened, Olivier had reaffirmed that he would run for re-election. Another student had also announced that he would run and most of Olivier’s supporters switched to supporting him, citing their support of term limits and that the other student should have a chance. Olivier withdrew from the race and became his classmate’s campaign manager.


When the office of vice-president was created, the president agreed to share the ticket. Olivier and his classmate won the election by a larger margin than expected. Olivier has claimed that as vice-president, he held more influence than when he was president, citing the school’s new principal. In the final week of the sixth grade, when the president left for the end of year school trip to Ecuador, which Olivier did not participate in, he assumed the presidency. Olivier became the first individual to serve two terms as president, in the school’s history.

Secondary school

In secondary one, attending a new school, Olivier ruled out a bid for class delegate to the council.

Federal politics

In the 2019 Canadian federal election Olivier supported the Conservative Party. After the party’s defeat in the election, Olivier supported keeping Andrew Scheer as party leader, although acknowledging that the party had not done well. He then changed his position on the issue following a scandal. On 12 December 2019, Scheer resigned as party leader. In the 2020 Conservative leadership election, Olivier supported Leslyn Lewis. In the 2021 Canadian federal election, Olivier campaigned for the Conservative Party. After the party’s defeat in the election, Olivier supported keeping Erin O’Toole as party leader, though he later changed his mind on the issue.

Olivier has met two Members of Parliament. (Xavier Barsalou Duval and Niki Ashton)

Provincial politics

In the 2018 Quebec general election Olivier supported the Coalition Avenir Québec. In the 2022 Quebec general election, Olivier has claimed that he will support the Coalition Avenir Québec, and the Conservative Party of Quebec. He is followed on Twitter by the party’s official account.

International politics

According to Olivier, he follows other countries’ politics very closely. He has endorsed numerous candidates and political parties. Olivier avidly supports the Republican Party and former president Donald Trump, despite not being American. He has claimed that American politics affect him, as he lives close to the border between Canada and the United States.

Political positions

Raphaël Olivier identifies as a national conservative and a social conservative. He is affiliated with the Conservative Party of Canada and the Coalition Avenir Québec. Olivier has announced his intention to canvass for the Conservative Party during the Next Canadian federal election.

Personal life

Olivier resides in Castel with his parents and his brother Alexandre. Olivier is a practicing Catholic. He was in self-isolation two times during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Olivier has been Head of state since 26 December 2016.
  2. Olivier was set to be inaugurated at 12:00 on 20 August 2021, but missed the time. Since Olivier's term ended at 12:00, Secretary of State Jimmy Foddle, became acting president until the inauguration. (since there was no vice president or Speaker)
  3. According to Alexandre Olivier, the Estates General lasts two months, before an election. Due to Concordia not having a constitution, this is unofficial and Olivier has not faced an election ever since March 2021.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Supports but is not a formal member