2020 Riveri National Assembly election

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2020 Riveri National Assembly election

24 October 2020 February 2021 →

7 seats in the Riveri National Assembly
4 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Logan Jack (cropped).png Olivier Portrait (Cropped).png Renzo Wessels (cropped).png
Leader Logan Jack[a] Raphaël Olivier Renzo Wessels
Party Green National Centre Democrats
Seats won 5 2 0
Popular vote 9 4 1
Percentage 64.3% 28.6% 7.1%

2020 Riveri National Assembly election results by republic.png
Results of the election by republic.

First Minister before election

Position established

Elected First Minister

Logan Jack

The 2020 Riveri National Assembly election was held on 24 October 2020. The West River Greens won a majority in the National Assembly, with Logan Jack being officially appointed as first minister after the results were officiated by the Election Commission. The election was called by President Benjamin Olson immediately after he took office, fulfilling a campaign promise he made during the 2020 election.

Election system

Section III of article I of the Constitution of West River outlines the system used for National Assembly elections.

Section III: Elections for the Assembly can be called by the President of the Confederation (see Article II) at any time, but can be held no later than the third Saturday of the fourth month since the previous election. These elections will be held separately in each region, using the election system commonly known as Single Transferable Vote.

President Benjamin Pickles announced how the seats would be distributed, with 4 for Picklesine; 2 for Logastan; and 1 for Ellisine. The election used single transferable vote, with a threshold of 25% in Picklesine; 50% in Logastan; and an absolute majority in Ellisine. Notably, all three first minister candidates ran in Logastan.




  • Logan Jack, interim West River Secretary of National Defence and former President of the Socialist Republic of Logastan (Green)
  • Raphaël Olivier, leader of the National Party and interim West River Secretary of the Environment (National)
  • Renzo Wessels, leader of the Centre Democrats and candidate for President in 2020 (Centre Democrats)



Vote and seat summaries

Popular vote
Centre Democratic
Seat totals

Results by republic


Candidate 1st allocation 2nd allocation 3rd allocation
Alexandre Olivier 37.5% 25% 25%
Tom Mark 25% 37.5% 25%
Sean Dunkerque 25% 25% 25%
Corbin Fisher 12.5% 12.5% 25%


Candidate 1st allocation 2nd allocation 3rd allocation
Logan Jack 60% 50% 50%
Raphaël Olivier 20% 30% 50%
Renzo Wessels 20% 20% Eliminated


Candidate 1st allocation
Addison Dillon 100%


  1. The West River Greens designated Logan Jack as its candidate for first minister. The party's leadership is held collectively by the members in general meetings.