Cabinet of West River

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Federal Cabinet of the West River Confederation
National Seal of the West River Confederation
Cabinet overview
Formed18 October 2020
TypeAdvisory body
HeadquartersKerr House
Thomasville, Picklesine, WRC
Employees11 members:
Cabinet executives

The Federal Cabinet of the West River Confederation is a section of the Government of the West River Confederation. The cabinet is appointed partially by the President and partially by the First Minister.



The President appoints the Secretaries of State, National Defence, Justice, the Treasury, and the Environment; each of whom oversee a Department of the same name. These appoints must then be confirmed by the National Assembly in a majority vote. If there is a vacancy when the National Assembly is not in session, the President may appoint an interim Secretary to serve until the Assembly is in session.

First Minister

The First Minister appoints the Ministers of the Interior, Labor & Commerce, Health, and Energy & Transportation; each of whom oversee a Ministry of the same name. Ministers do not have to be confirmed by the National Assembly.

Current Cabinet officials

President and Secretaries

Office Incumbent Took office
WRC Presidency Seal.png
Portrait of Benjamin Pickles (01-01-21).png
Benjamin Pickles
17 October 2020
WRC DOS Seal.png
Secretary of State
Tom Mark 2021.png
Tom Mark
18 October 2020
WRC DOND Seal.png
Secretary of National Defence
Alex Carranza 18 October 2020
WRC DOT Seal.png
Secretary of the Treasury
Molly Pickles in June 2021.jpg
Molly Pickles
18 October 2020
WRC DOJ Seal.png
Secretary of Justice
Addison Dillon oil painting.jpg
Addison Dillon
18 October 2020
WRC DOE Seal.png
Secretary of the Environment
Olivier Portrait (Cropped).png
Raphaël Olivier
27 October 2020


Office Incumbent Took office
WRC First Minister Seal.png
First Minister
Logan Jack (cropped).png
Logan Jack
24 October 2020
WRC MLC Seal.png
Minister of Labour & Commerce
Archie Mark
26 October 2020
WRC MH Seal.png
Minister of Health
Alexander Jack 24 October 2020
WRC MET Seal.png
Minister of Energy and Transportation
Renzo Wessels (cropped).png
Renzo Wessels
25 October 2020
WRC MI Seal.png
Minister of the Interior
Roy Jackson (2021).png
Roy Jackson
6 March 2021