West River Department of State

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West River Department of State
WRC DOS Seal.png
Seal of the Department of State
Agency overview
Formed10 October 2020
JurisdictionWest River federal government
HeadquartersKerr House
Thomasville, WRC
Agency executive

The West River Department of State (DOS), commonly known as the State Department, is a department of the federal government of the West River Confederation responsible for carrying out Riveri foreign policy and intermicronational relations. Established in October 2020 by the Riveri Constitution,[1] its duties include adivising the President of the West River Confederation, administering the nation's diplomatic missions, negotiating treaties with foreign entities, and contacting foreign micronations for the purposes of diplomacy.

Secretary of State

The West River Secretary of State is the director of the West River Department of State and a member of the Federal Cabinet that answers to, and directly advises, the President of the West River Confederation. The Secretary of State organizes and supervises the activies of the department, and acts as the nation's chief diplomat. The current Secretary is Tom Mark, who was appointed by Benjamin Pickles as an interim in October 2020.

List of Secretaries of State

No. Secretary Republic Took office Left office President(s)
1 Tom Mark.png Tom Mark Picklesine 18 October 2020 Incumbent Benjamin Pickles