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Motto: "Onward together"
Map of Picklesine
Country West River
Admitted 10 October 2020
Named for Benjamin Pickles
Capital Nith
 - Body Regional Council
 - Premier Tom Mark (G)
 - MNAs Tom Mark (G)
Alexandre Olivier (N)
Guy Watts (D)
 - Riveri PVI G +9
 - Total 1.04 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
Elevation 226 m (741 ft)
Population (2021)
 - Total 11
Demonym Picklesinian
Time zone EST

Picklesine, officially the Republic of Picklesine, is the largest Republic in the West River Confederation by land area and by population. It was admitted into the Confederation on 10 October 2020 along with Logastan and Ellisine, and is named for Benjamin Pickles, one of the founders of the West River Confederation. Situated just east of the Nith River in Ontario, the region is just over 1 kilometre in land area.


The name Picklesine derives from the Benjastanian word "ine", meaning "land", and Pickles, the last name of Benjamin Pickles, one of the two founders of the West River Confederation. The name translates directly to "Picklesland".