Political parties in the West River Confederation

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West River is a democratic semi-presidential confederation with a multi-party system. The two dominant political parties are the left-wing West River Greens and the right-wing National Party. The Liberal Alliance is currently the only other party in the Confederation, but do not hold any seats in the National Assembly.

List of political parties


Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Seats
West River Greens WRG Eco-socialism Left-wing Collective leadership
4 / 8
National Party NP Conservatism Right-wing Raphaël Olivier
2 / 8
Riveri Democratic Party RDP Centrism Centre Guy Watts
1 / 8
Liberal Alliance LA Classical liberalism Right-wing Ariel Lederman
0 / 8


Name Ideology Spectrum
Centre Democrats CD Centrism Centre
Green Democrats GD Environmentalism Left-wing
Red-Green Alliance RGA Libertarian socialism Far-left

Regional political parties


Name Ideology Spectrum Leader
Coalition Ellisine co.EL Ellisinian Nationalism Syncretic Emmeline Marino


Name Ideology Spectrum Leader
Picklesinian National Coalition PNC Social democracy Centre-left Roy Jackson

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