April 2021 Benjastanian legislative election

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April 2021 Benjastanian legislative election

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8 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  Gus Augustan Portrait.png Olivier Portrait (Cropped).png
Leader Gus Rósínśtí Raphaël Olivier
Party PNLF Patrioto
Leader since 5 February 2021 18 February 2021
Last election 54.5%, 8 seats 13.6%, 1 seat
Seats before 5 2
Seats won 5 2
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 9 5
Percentage 42.9% 23.8%
Swing 11.6pp 10.2pp

Chancellor before election

Gus Rósínśtí

Elected Chancellor


The March 2021 Benjastanian legislative election will take place on 20 March 2021, to elect members of the Chamber of Deputies. This election will be the first in Benjastan since the September 2020 congressional election, and follows a series of constitutional amendments which drastically reformed the Government of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan.

The incumbent party, the Picklista National Liberation Front, is widely seen as the successor to both major left-wing parties, the Party for Socialism and Liberty, and the Reason Party. The party is led at the legislative level by Gus Rósínśtí, who took office as Chancellor following the second constitutional reform, as it succeeded his previous office of First Secretary.

Presently, the only other party is Patrioto, a right-wing populist party, which was refounded following the second constitutional reform. The party is led by Raphaël Olivier, a member of the Chamber of Deputies and the Governor of Birsland, who is a right-wing politician in many micronations.