Picklista National Liberation Front (Benjastan)

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Picklista National Liberation Front
LeaderBenjamin Pickles
FoundersLogan Jack
Roy Jackson
Benjamin Pickles
Founded5 February 2021
Preceded byParty for Socialism and Liberty
NewspaperVoice of the Picklistas
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationPicklist International
Colors     Green      Black      White
SloganUnity for Socialism, Democracy, and Liberation!
Anthem"Stand up, all Picklistas!"
Chamber of Deputies
4 / 8
Departmental governments
1 / 6
Party flag
Flag of the PNLF.svg

The Picklista National Liberation Front is a Picklist and socialist political party in Benjastan. It is the current ruling party in the country, having been led by the country's president, Benjamin Pickles, since its founding. Its members are known as "Picklistas".

The PNLF succeeded the Party for Socialism and Liberty as the leading left-wing political party in Benjastan, following the country's decision to return to a partisan system of government. Its name is inspired by the Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua, which Pickles says he "begrudgingly supports over the country's opposition", but significantly differs from ideologically.


The PNLF supports a transition to socialism, and eventually some form of stateless egalitarian society far into the future, following the Picklist idea of gradual transition over a series of phases. The party is also environmentalist, seeing climate change as the most significant present threat to the world, which must be combated by all means. They support a Green New Deal within all nations to transition from environmentally harmful sources of energy.

Foreign policy

The party supports a foreign policy of pacifism and is opposed to war and imperialism. However, they also believe in sanctioning and denouncing micronations and macronations which they believe to be in significant opposition to the values of egalitarianism and liberty.

Prominent Picklistas