Republic of Leopoldinsel

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Federal Republic of Leopoldinsel

Stolz, Wohlstand, Freiheit, Erfolg! (Pride, Prosperity, Liberty, Success!)
Leopoldstadt, Vienna, Austria
Capital citySt. Veit am Donau (Proposed name)
Largest citySt. Viet am Donau
Official language(s)Viennese German, English
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Orthodoxy
Short nameLeopold
GovernmentNationalrat (Executive), Bundesrat (Legislative)
- President (Präsident)To be elected
- Chancellor (Kanzler)To be elected
Area claimed1.193km²
Population50 (20% Discord Population) As of beginning of August 2021 census
CurrencyEuro, Hungarian Forint
Time zoneGMT+2
National sportRowing
National animalEagle
Patron saintSankt Veit

The Federal Republic of Leopoldinsel [Die Bundesrepublik Leopoldinsel (German), Leopoldinsel Szövetségi Köztársaság (Hungarian), Spolková republika Leopoldinsel (Slovak)] is a micronation located in Vienna, Austria. It's current capital has no name, but the founder of the micronation, Ioannis Papadopoulou, calls it "St. Veit am Donau" meaning "St. Vitus on the Danube".

Etymology - Etymologie

The name "Leopoldinsel" means Leopold Island. Since the area of Vienna the nation is located in, Leopoldstadt, is an Island, split by the Donaukanal from the rest of the city, it is an island, thus the name.

Geography - Geographie

The nation sits in Vienna, near the banks of the Danube. While being close to the Danube, technically Donauinsel isn't landlocked, as Leopoldine Citizens can travel to the Danube, which leads to the Black Sea. The whole Nation is surrounded by Austria.

Demographics and Data - Demografie und Daten

The majority of the population (in real life and discord) is represented by the Catholic Faith, followed by Atheism/Agnosticism, The Orthodox Faith, The Islamic Faith, and lastly the Ecclesian Faith. Freedom of Religion is legal and supervised in the micronation, as its population is extremely diverse.

Orthodox Christianity

Politics - Politik

Leopoldinsel is a Federal Republic, modelling its government partly off of the Austrian Governing System. The President is the Head of State, and cannot preform large outside affairs and matters without the approval of the Nationalrat (National Council) and the Bundesrat (Federal Council). The President is elected for a term of 4 months, this is subject to change in the future. The Chancellor is Head of Government, and is elected for a term of 6 months. The Chancellor is elected separately from the President, and can serve up to three consecutive terms, although it can be given an exemption. The exact same multi-party system is used for Chancellor elections as in Presidential Elections. Chancellors speak and lead the Nationalrat, the executive and more important body of the two government councils, and a speaker is appointed by the Chancellor to lead the Bundesrat.

Political Parties - Politische Parteien

Party Name Leader Position Ideologies Nationalrat Acronym
Major Party - Große Partei
The Republic in Motion Party Ioannis Papadopoulou from Centre to Centre-Left Liberalism, Youth Rights, Economic Egalitarianism, and Pro-Globalization
3 / 6
Lepoldine Worker's Party Esty Carpentieri from Left-Wing to Far-Left Democratic Socialism, Left-Wing Populism, Anti-Capitalism, Eco-Socialism, Secularism, Sankarism, Progressivism, and Pro-LGBT Rights
2 / 6
Minor Party-Kleine Partei
The Freedom Party Mo from Centre to Left-Wing Democratic Socialism, Liberalism, and Environmentalism
1 / 6

National Council - Nationalrat

The National Council is the executive body of Leopoldinsel, It is the larger of the two bodies. The Nationalrat is lead by the Chancellor, and he can host meetings, and put up law commissions to vote. If the vote passes, it is taken to the Federal Council, and they will approve or deny it. The President can ask to put one of his ideas to vote, and it will be subject to the same vote. Citizens can apply to the National Council.

Federal Council - Bundesrat

The Federal Council is the legislative body of Leopoldinsel, It is the smaller of the two bodies. The Federal Council approves or denies passed votes of the National Council. The National Council also independently passes votes for administrative divisions. The Council is lead by the Speaker, appointed by the Chancellor.

The Leopoldine Federal Armed Forces - Die Leopoldinsel Bundes Streitkräfte

The Leopoldine Federal Armed forces is a small militant group worth 11 soldiers, and is supplied with nerf, water guns, swords, and javelins.

Foreign Affairs - Auswärtige Angelegenheiten

Countries that Leopoldinsel recognizes - Länder die Leopoldinsel anerkennt

Macro Countries

  • All UN members except for North Korea
  • Taiwan
  • State of Israel
  • Niue, Tokelau, Cook Islands (Recognized as separate from New Zealand)