1st Felsbrunnian War

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1st Felsbrunnian War

The destroyed "State Road"
Date31 July 2020
North-district, Felsbrunn
Status ended
Felsbrunn Bartonia
Commanders and leaders
Leon I ?
1 1

The 1st Felsbrunnian War, was a war in the north-district of the Royal Principality of Felsbrunn on the 31 of July 2020. It was started by Felsbrunn, when Prince Leon I said that Bartonia is "a stupid nation". The war ended on the evening of the same date as it started and no one died.


On the 31 July 2020, the Doge Cal of Bartonia and Prince Leon I of Felsbrunn met near the mine in the north-district of Felsbrunn. They talked about less-relevant topics, and then Leon I said that Bartonia was "a stupid nation". The Doge of Bartonia, Cal Sewa was very angry about that and called the Militar Bartoniyy (the national military of Bartonia). The only soldier started destroying Felsbrunn. He shot with stones in the mine and everywhere, also on the Felsbrunnian House of the Prince, Leon I, and shot with stones on the State road. The National Military of Felsbrunn tried to stop the soldier, but they couldn't catch him. After that the Bartonian soldier ran back to Bartonia. No one died in the war!