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The political system of the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia is based on the state ideologies of ecologism and ecological democracy. On an unknown date after the 30th of May, 2020, Bartonia became an ecologist republic.

Political system

Bartonia is a country, that is build out of the principles of the state ideology of Ecologism. So there are many prohibitions, like, you are not allowed to throw trash into the nature or you are not allowed to ride a exhaust gas producing vehicle. All things, that are not good for the Environment, are banned. If you do not follow these rules, there are very high fines and withdrawal penalties.


Head of State

The Head of State is the Doge, and is elected every half year. There is also an Vice-Doge, he is elected also every half year. The nominee of the party with the most votes is the Doge, and the nominee of the party with second most votes is the Vice-Doge.


The Legislature is the National-Council, and there are always two seats by two different parties - the party with the most and second most votes.

Political parties

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In Bartonia, there are three political parties.