United Republic Of Pølmonia

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Pølmonia, officially called United Republic Of Pølmonia is an Italian micronation, located in Abruzzo, enclave of Pescara district. It's project started in 2018 by the Head of state Alessandro Ambrosini, and finished on 26 August 2020.


The United Republic Of Pølmonia, was born in 2018 by the idea of Alessandro Ambrosini (today the Head Of State) after learning about Molossia and non recognized country in the world like Transnistria. With time the process of creating Pølmonia (Previously called United Republic Of Aussaro) was slow, but during 2019 the constitution and a flag were made. In 2020, thanks to the help of five friends, the creation was completed and Pølmonia was funded and a parliament was made. Today the United Republic Of Pølmonia is a presidential republic with no religion, its own capital, Aussaro, and in support of the LGBT movement.


The United Republic Of Pølmonia is located in central Italy, in Abruzzo, enclave of Pescara

Aims Of The Republic

The aim of the Republic is to have its own land by taking decayed places and making it habitable. Art and Culture is what the Republic really cares about, that's why in future it will plan concerts, art exhibition, ballet and other cultural events. The Republic as its own Academy Of Language called "Accademia Dell'Orzo", where are collected the new words created in the country. The United Republic Of Pølmonia is also planning to: make its own alphabet, attend the MicroCon in future.