Christoph Chao City

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Christoph Chao City
Flag of Christoph Chao
Coat of arms of Christoph Chao
Coat of arms
CapitalChristoph Chao City
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Thai (100.00%)
constitutional monarchy
Prince Joseph Thanawachiraporn
• Secretary of State
Lord Albert of Catania
LegislatureCouncil of Christoph Chao
• Christoph Chao City established
20 May 2020
• Total
1.52 km2 (0.59 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2020 census
7 citizens
Time zoneUTC+07:00 (IDT)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Calling code+66

Christoph Chao City, officially the Christoph Chao City State is a country in Southeast Asia, Established in Thailand It was founded on the concept of Prince Joseph Thanawachiraporn. It was established on 20 May 2020 in his home district in Ubon Ratchathani Province of Thailand.


Christoph Chao City was born on 20 May 2020 under the concept of Prince Joseph Thanawachiraporn. with the idea that I would like to do micronation in my home area with the Queensland Government helping to establish this country. Until it was completely established and lasted for 1 year on 20 May 2021.

Christoph Chao City style of domination

Christoph Chao City uses the Vatican style of government, holding Prince Joseph Thanawachiraporn as Prince and Sovereign of Christoph Chao City, the country's supreme head of state. and has the Secretary of State, elected through elections for a term of 6 months. Lord Albert of Catania has served as the Secretary of State on 16 July 2020 and won his second election on 17 January 2021.

Administrative divisions

Cities in Christoph Chao

In Christoph Chao City, there are 1 cities with the following names

Flag Name Mayor
Province of Christoph Chao Prince Joseph Thanawachiraporn

Foreign relations of Christoph Chao City


Diplomatic Relations

Name Date
 Kingdom of Queensland 23 May 2020
 Empire of Huai Siao 3 July 2021
 State of Vishwamitra 8 July 2021
 Republic of New South Canberra 29 May 2022