Leader Union of New Capanesia

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Leader of The Union of
New Capanesia
(Short Name : Leader Union)
(Thai: ผู้นำสหภาพ)
Government seal And Seal Leader Union
Location flag
Supreme leader
General Secretary
His Excellency
StatusSupreme leader
Chief Executive
Member ofPolitburo
ResidenceGreat New Capanesia City
(Formal acceptance)
Provisional Exile :
Lamoon Narai City
(Formal Diplomatic)
SeatUnion Assembly
(Formal acceptance)
(Formal Diplomatic)
AppointerCentral Committee
Term lengthLife tenure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the New Capanesia 2021
Formation25 August 2021 (2 years ago) (2021-08-25)
First holderPiya Daengja
(First Leader Union)
Abolished9 December 2023
SuccessionChief Privy Councilor

Leader of The Union New Capanesia or formerly known names Leader Union is a political office that was founded on 25 August 2021 because of the previous era from the coup. The Prime Minister Piya Daengja had resigned from his position and dissolved it with elections being called for because people were “not willing to negotiate” and wanted more modernity than this until the problem subsided like never before after the month of November.


The position was created due to Piya Daengja having started a new constitution progressing with democracy and new communism[citation needed] that removed 25% of the chapters of the Soviet Union the rest of which is democratic 50% Piya Daengja then turned New Communist.

First Era

There were many problems, due to it not being modern enough. More over, the problem that followed was the old coup. There were executions among themselves at the time, the country had to be left behind in the end and it would immediately collapse, then he amended this constitution.

Second Era

The constitution was not yet completed at the time, causing problems with the former coup d'etat in the past, now its back in the second era. The problem was so unsolvable, he had to come to consult another round to reduce the coup.

To reduce tensions with the country and politics as well Government in many areas such as the government has provided external law, which has knowledge of the importance there, is the law of the United States. government can translated it into Thai language to make it easier to understand than before Until now, this has changed and the beginning of a new era is the third era.

Third Era

The constitution was completed and began to operate the first point of progress with modernization. Be ready to change as this constitution owes another coup from the second era. By then, the coup was over and there was no more coup d'etat. The coup was over and a number of constitutional amendments were made. The coup makers surrendered to this case and were taken to the police station. And the third era ended, starting a new era as the fourth era.

4th Era

After the third era calmed down, the fourth era began to process in the positive aspects. and began to develop the potential of knowledge and equality There will be more development of the country into the future, hoping that the country will be able to live in the future until the last of the country before it collapses. But after the past, tensions have arisen in the quarrel between the Thai patriots and the New Capa patriots. Until causing divisions and genocide and annihilation of the nation to the point that this kind of problem must be solved. which leads to more and more hot heads Until the situation began to change the era and lead to the problem of tension. severely Too much to stop a problem like this coming up. and then had to begin to collapse of the fourth era into the fifth era

5th Era

Just like in the previous era, when changing from the same dress, starting to change to a new era and so on, the problems there began to decrease suddenly like never before. The current change in the vision of the country's important role, including a new constitutional change to reduce conflicts and to reduce the power of conflicts between national and political conflicts and to increase modernization. instant to the people At present, this has changed into the future after that. And the leader union abolished due to the Transistion era turn into Chief Privy Councilor and then Crown prince.

No. Portrait Name Born Term of office
1 Piya Daengja 23 October 2004 (2004-10-23) (age 19) 25th August 2021 - 9th December 2023