Ministry of Tourism and Sports

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Ministry of Tourism and Sports
New Capanesia Capital The Great New Capanesia City
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2021
New Capanesia
Executive Vaccnt (Minister)
-(Deputy Minister)
-(Permanent Secretary)
Under agency Department of Science for Unity
Department of the Higher Education Commission
Department of the National Research Council
Tourism Authority of New Capanesia

Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thai:กระทรวงการท่องเที่ยวและกีฬา)It is a ministry agency to work on the status of sports and important tourism situations in the country And this ministry is the ministry that is responsible for accepting guests from foreign tourists into the country using Passport as a guide. This ministry has a huge responsibility. in the development of sports and tourism potential in the country.


The Ministry was founded on 1 August 2021, By Government founding Minister. Current
current vacancy Looking for replacements for civil servants