Air And Rocket Force(New Capanesia)

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Air And Rocket Force
Badge of the New Red Air Force
Founded1 August 2021 (At New Red Air Force)
27 December 2022 (Official)
17 May 2023 (Renamed)
CountryNew Capanesia
Commander-in-chief of Air And Rocket Force Piya Daengja
Commander of New Air And Rocket Force Field Marshal Siwakorn Yaonun
Deputy Commander of the Air And Rocket Force Major General Lucas Sutumyong
Commander-in-chief flag
Ceremonial flag

Air And Rocket Force The Air Force and Rocket Force were established as the Air Force disbanded, according to the Ministry of Justice and Defense issued a notice to change the military landscape, thereby causing the Air Force to disband and merge with the Rocket Force to become the Army. The most powerful currently


This army was established found on August 1, 2021. To have the rocket army back in, so it has been reestablished. On December 27, 2022, It has been set up to be officially named Air Force and Rocket. It was established to create a consortium of airborne weapons and equipment systems. But now there are no fighter planes, only pre-destructive weapons instead of RC planes. Today I have my own water bottle weapon. Similar to the Russian nuclear weapon coriander. and can destroy a distance of 1 km to 2 km. Find the distance from the house about 1 yard by 2 all.