Bank of New Capanesia

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Bank of New Capanesia
ราชอาณาจักรสังคมธิปไตย สหภาพนิวคาปานีเซีย
Королевство Иэжбьиэьы
Союэ Спкпрпнеэия
Address Capital
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2021
Jurisdiction  New Capanesia
Executive -(Bank governor)
-(Deputy Governor of Bank)
-(Deputy Governor of Bank Financial institution stability)
-(Deputy Governor of Administrative Banking)
Under agency -
Website soon

Bank of New Capanesia It is the only government owned bank. And the government is largely responsible for the currency. at the level of international free trade. It is a bank for entities related to friends, investment status and income and expenses. This bank is also an external international receiving bank in the use of currency. For foreigners outside the country. and stabilize the economy, and this bank also helps people. when helping people in need in various situations. This bank is a bank that can develop itself and develop society in all aspects. for sustainability and stability to the institution national finance to be more stable.


Founded On 1 August 2021 Before New Capanesia Government Founded Established financial institutions to carry out various tasks assigned. Therefore, on the 12th of December in the same year, the business was merged into the only self-governing bank to this day.


New Capanesian Ruble