Prime Minister of New Capanesia

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Prime Minister of New Capanesia
(Thai: นายกรัฐมนตรี)
(Office Chairman of National Government)
(Thai: สำนักงานประธานรัฐบาลแห่งชาติ)
(Russia style)

Government Seal And Prime Minister Seal
Location flag
Piya Daengja

since 4 February 2024
Member of
  • Cabinet
SeatUnion Assembly
AppointerKing of New Capanesia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the New Capanesia 2023
Formation25 August 2021 (2 years ago) (2021-08-25)
First holderPiya Daengja
(as PM Former Land and New land)
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister
of New Capanesia

Prime Minister of New Capanesia is the head of government of New Capanesia and is the head of the government state which is chosen from the people for a term of One Year, renewable once The prime minister is responsible for managing the operations of the government. And in matters that the Prime Minister manages, the Prime Minister has the ultimate power in the operation of the government of the public sector.


16 April 2021 At a time when the country is unable to develop technology, there has been a compulsion about boycott moving forward on limited technology. Then, when the country was established, there were still problems with 3 coups. In new territories, there is also a concern of coup d'etat that cannot be resolved until the present coup d'état may not exist in the future. That the leader union have now completed the amendment and constitution because after the coup d'état There were various events repeated until the last time was the dragon fruit crisis, which was the last crisis. After that, the government has continued to develop until today. Along with various technical advances in responsible and legitimate government.


Piya Daengja In the past, the new communist system was used to find solutions to labor problems directly after that has used a Democratic-Socialism system In the past, due to the use of the New Communist that had a great impact on matters in the country and abroad, it was decided to change the bureaucratic system in a big way, becoming Democratic-Socialism to replace the disintegrating New Communist go down.

List of Photo Prime Minister

  Founder of the PM of New Capanesia
  Glorious Capa Party
  Capa Democratic Party
  Green New Capanesia Party

Former :

  People's Labor Party
  New Social Party
No Picture Name
Tenure Political Party Head of State Ministry
1 Piya Daengja
16 April 2021 25 August 2021 131 days Founded PM of New Capanesia Puripura &
Puripura II
Piya I
2 Nebillty John Hopson
(2005 - 2023)
25 August 2021 12 December 2021 106 days Glorious Capa Party Puripura II Nebillty I
3 Bill Kettysson
(2003 - 2023)
12 December 2021 9 February 2022 62 days Capa Democratic Party Bill I
4 Nirand Daengja
9 February 2022 20 March 2022 73 days Glorious Capa Party

(Now as monarchy)

Nirand I
When the Former Prime Minister Nirand Daengja Ascended to the Throne
Full name ("Sun Saeng III of New Capanesia") instead
Puripura I (Puripura II*) Position Vacancy go for a while
(1) Piya Daengja(Acting)
20 March 2022 17 April 2022 55 days Founded PM of New Capanesia Sun Saeng III of New Capanesia Piya II
5 MaxSka
17 April 2022 17 July 2022 91 days People's Labor Party Max I
6 Patchena Namtri (Acting)
17 July 2022
15 October 2022
15 October 2022
10 October 2023
1 year, 85 days New Social Party

(Now as Glorious Capa Party)

Patchena I
7 Siwat Phongsai
10 October 2023 4 February 2024 175 days Green New Capanesia Party Siwat I
(1) Piya Daengja
4 February 2024 Incumbent 4 February 2024 (4 months ago) (2024-02-04) Founded Prime Minister of New Capanesia Piya III

Timeline Prime Minister

Piya DaengjaWlasisław I of Novo-TeutoniaPatchena NamtriPatchena NamtriPiya DaengjaNirand DaengjaBill KettyssonPiya Daengja

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader
Glorious Capa Party 1/8/2021 Piyalism
Socialist Democracy
Cultural conservatism
National conservatism
Piya Daengja
Capa Democratic Party 1/8/2021 Democracy
Social liberalism
Economic liberalism
Social democracy
Social justice
Liberal democracy
Political egalitarianism
Green New Capanesia Party 17/8/2021 Progressiveness
Liberal conservatism
Conservative liberalism
Siwat Phongsai