New Red Air Force

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New Red Air Force
Badge of the New Red Air Force
Active1 August 2021–27 December 2022
Disbanded(Replaced to Air And Rocket Force)
CountryNew Capanesia
Commander-in-chief of New Red Air Force Piya Daengja
Commander of New Red Air Force Field Marshal Joseph Schwartzkopf
Deputy Commander of the New Red Air Force General Madison Henderson
Ceremonial flag

New Red Air Force This army was the Air Force, but turned out to be an assistant to the Rocket Forces. The Air Force does not currently have any aircraft stationed at all because the situation may require spending money to buy planes afterwards. The Air Force is now adding new aircraft that are self-made, but not yet officially used, will have to wait for further follow-up in the future.


This army was established on August 1, 2021. It was established to create a consortium of airborne weapons and equipment systems. But now there are no fighter planes, only pre-destructive weapons instead of RC planes. Today I have my own water bottle weapon. Similar to the Russian nuclear weapon coriander. and can destroy a distance of 1 km to 2 km. Find the distance from the house about 1 yard by 2 all.