Coordinates: 12°47′16″N 99°54′44″E / 12.787861°N 99.912167°E / 12.787861; 99.912167

Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia

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The Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia (Thai: เครือจักรภพแห่งโนโวอีเร็กทิวโทเล็กโตรเซีย), more commonly known as Novo-Erecteutolectrocia, is a micronation in Phetchaburi, Thailand. Founded by both Wlasisław I of Novo-Teutonia and Rangsiman of Indorectus on 24 July 2023.

Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia
Coat of arms of Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia
Coat of arms
Motto: In deo speramus.
In god, we trust.
Anthem: "Flag anthem of the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth"
StatusHighly-unrecognized active micronation
CapitalKingdom of Novo-Teutonia
12°47′16″N 99°54′44″E / 12.787861°N 99.912167°E / 12.787861; 99.912167
Official languagesThai English
Recognised national languagesEsperanto French
Ethnic groups
(August 2023)
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
Wlasisław I of Novo-Teutonia
Rangsiman of Indorectus
LegislatureNational Sejm
• Establishment of the Commonwealth
24 July 2023
• Annexation of the Kingdom of Electrocia
25 July 2023
• Usage of the first National Constitution
25 December 2023
• Total
0.000031 km2 (1.2×10−5 sq mi)
• 2024 estimate
• 2023 census
• Density
175,438.60/km2 (454,383.9/sq mi)
CurrencyNovo-Erecteutolectrocian Moneta
(official currency)
Thai baht
(used as a secondary currency) (𝕄 & TH฿)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+66
IMSO 1 codeNE (ETL)


The name “Novo-Erecteutolectrocia” comes from the fusing of the word Novo-Teutonia, Indorectus, and Electrocia. which are the three main autonomous kingdoms of the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia


Founding of the Commonwealth

On the date of 24 July 2023 (299 days ago), the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia was founded by Wlasisław I, with 2 nations in total. Which are, Novo-Teutonia and Indorectus kingdom. Later in 25 July 2023, one nation joined the Commonwealth, which is Electrocia. When these nations were united, the leader has noted numerous ideas to develop his country and hosted an unofficial National Sejm meeting few days after the formation of the commonwealth.

Political plateau

Since the foundation of the Commonwealth, his majesty, the leader had started drafting their first constitution based on the Republic of Poland constitution. The drafting progress started from the end of July and still in progress. Thus, the nation will use the main 3 rules first and will use the constitution later when it is finished.[1]

However, in the Sejm of the Commonwealth, there was the first meeting attended in the date of 9 August, 2023. Which marks the beginning of its political improvement in this commonwealth. Since then, the Commonwealth has made no progress in drafting a constitution or in political developments. Commonwealth leader planned to develop the Commonwealth in October 2023, but there are no significant changes yet. On 11 October, 2023, the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has established diplomatic relationship between New Capanesia[2], which marks its very beginning of its contribution in international micronation community.

Era of development

The Commonwealth constitution has been drafting since 31 July, 2023. The national sejm has stated that the constitution would be completed by 10 November, 2023, concurrently with the opening of the November Sejm meeting, which will discuss national policies, diplomatic relations plan and development progress. Another unauthorized National Sejm meeting was convened on 8 November, 2023, to discuss ministries, ministers for each ministry. Thus, the month of November 2023 will mark the beginning of the Commonwealth's development era.

On the date of 25 December, 2023. The Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has celebrated its five months menniversary alongside publishing the 2023 National Constitution of the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia[3]. The leader has planned to write the National Statutes Archive for being the main source of laws alongside the National Constitution.

As since 2024, the Commonwealth has stuck on the inactivity for a long time. Despite having the long inactive time, the Commonwealth still developing. On the date of 2 February 2024, the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has signed the diplomatic treaty with Kingdom of Zavidia and still continuously developing.

Government and Politics

Rangsiman of Indorectus
Rangsiman of Indorectus
National Sejm president

Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia is a federal parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy state, with having commonwealth leader as the head of state and government. The executive power is exercised further by the National Sejm.

Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia's legislative assembly is a Unicameral parliament consists of 4 members (National Sejm). The Sejm members is the main body of governing the Commonwealth, which has power to decide what to have or develop in the Commonwealth. The National Sejm president will be elected every 2 months, thus each term for the sejm president is 2 months and so does the leader.

Administrative divisions

Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia is divided into 3 autonomous Kingdoms and 1 public territory. The autonomous Kingdoms can have their own laws that based on the Commonwealth's constitution, but the public territory is the territory where both Thailand's constitution and the Commonwealth's constitution were used together. According to the Commonwealth's constitution, the public territory belongs to no one and no one shall claim it as its own territory, the territory will remain neutral and everyone can use or pass that territory.

Division Capital Area (square kilometer) Ruler Population (2024 estimate) Join date
Kingdom of Novo-Teutonia - 7.5 × 10-6 Wlasisław I of Novo-Teutonia 3 24 July 2023
Kingdom of Indorectus 2.5 × 10-6 Rangsiman of Indorectus 1
Kingdom of Electrocia 5 × 10-6 Pitinan of Electrocia 2 25 July 2023
Public territory of the National Sejm 1.6 × 10-5 Leader of the Commonwealth - 28 July 2023


The National Constitution of the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia is the enacted supreme law[4] and has additional statutes[5] as the additional laws for making the Constitution more powerful and fair.

The judiciary in Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has the National Supreme Court as the main and absolute judiciary body of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has 0 homicide rate, which marks as one of the saftiest micronation in the world. The Commonwealth imposed strict regulations on abortion, which is permitted only in cases of rape, incest or when the woman's life is in danger; congenital disorder and stillbirth are not covered by the law, prompting some women to seek abortion abroad.


The Armed Volunteer forces of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth is the national military of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth. It is made up of several regiments that fulfill diverse purposes, including the gendarmerie regiment, which is the Commonwealth's principal police force.

National Sejm

The National Sejm is the main parliament and legislative power of the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth[6], consists of 4 members, 3 kingdoms and Sejm President. The main duty of the National Sejm is to be the agent for each kingdom to communicate or hold a conference to discuss the Commonwealth situation, resolution, or ideas to develop the Commonwealth. The first unofficial Sejm conference was held on the date of July 25, 2023, and the first official Sejm meeting was held 3 days after that. The membership hierarchy consists of:

  • Sejm President: The main body of each conference, he can hold the meeting or not. But in each Sejm meeting there shall be him inside of it.
  • Honorable representative: The King of each kingdom, which serve as the leader for his kingdom's representative in the national Sejm. He can hold the meeting and has full rights on each meeting.
  • Representative: The citizens of each kingdom that serve as the representative of each kingdom. He will be able to vote for the poll(s) held by the Sejm President or the Meeting holder only.

Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers of the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia serves as the council for ministers and ministries inside the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia to held a conference between each ministers on agreeing on something in development and policies of each ministries.[7]

Ministries and offices

The ministries of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth are the various departments performing functions implemented by the national government. Each ministry is headed by a governmental minister selected by the Commonwealth leader. After the first national Sejm meeting, the ministries are not yet officially established, but the list of upcoming ministries was stated in the officials document.

  • Ministry of National Education - In charge of regulating national education services
  • Ministry of Finance and Economy - In charge of national economy which include the goods the commonwealth export or import and in charge of the national bank
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - In charge of foreign affairs and relationship
  • Ministry of the Interior and Administration - In charge of administration of the commonwealth and internal affairs
  • Ministry of Justice - In charge of judiciary power
  • Ministry of Transport - In charge of transportation
  • Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - In charge of perserving national culture and heritage
  • Ministry of Development and Technology - In charge of developing and inventing technology for the commonwealth
  • Ministry of Sport and Tourism - In charge of sports and tourism in the commonwealth
  • Ministry of Health - In charge of health services the Commonwealth
  • Ministry of State Assets - In charge of state assets of the Commonwealth

Diplomatic relations

Currently, the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia has only establlished diplomatic relationship with New Capanesia on 11 October 2023. The Leader of the commonwealth has plan to establish more diplomatic relationship to other micronations.


Micronations Date
Hesminia Commonwealth of Nations 22 March 2024


Micronations Date
New Capanesia 11 October 2023[2]
Kingdom of Zavidia 2 March 2024[8]
Union of Januaritania 10 May 2024

Recognized states


The Commonwealth is located inside the 4th dormitory in both third and fourth floor of the Princess Chulabhorn Science Highschool and a bench inside that school, which serves as the National Sejm. The geography does not that variety and so does the weather. The Commonwealth has divided into 3 autonomous kingdoms and 1 public territory.


The climate of the commonwealth shares weather with Cha-am district, Phetchaburi. The wet season in the Commonwealth is overcast, the wet season of the Commonwealth is overcast, the dry season is partly cloudy, and it is hot and oppressive year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 22°C to 33°C and is rarely below 19°C or above 35°C.[9]

Climate data for Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 29.4
Daily mean °C (°F) 26.1
Average low °C (°F) 22.2
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 6.2
Average rainy days 1.2 1.6 3.3 5.2 12.3 13.9 14.7 15.4 18.3 17.0 6.6 1.4 110.9
Sunshine hours 356.5 327.6 375.1 372 393.7 387 396.8 387.5 366 365.8 345 353.4 4,426.4


As of October 2023, the total gross domestic product of the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia is 0 USD. Thus making the Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia having the worst economy in all Thai micronations. Despite being a micronation, the national currency of the commonwealth (𝕄) still did not being used by people in the commonwealth or the government.

With the upcoming national constitution, the commonwealth except the people under 13 to paying national taxes.

Transport and energy

The transportation between each autonomous kingdom and territory are mainly by walking due to the extremely short distance. The commonwealth has not established its national route yet, thus people could walk anywhere they want. When citizens or people enter each autonomous kingdom, they must first obtain permission to enter the respective kingdom before they can enter the kingdom.

The main electric source of the commonwealth has 3 places, which one between Novo-Teutonia and Indorectus, one in Electrocia, and one in far eastern Novo-Teutonic territory. The Commonwealth did not have its own electric power plant yet, thus the people in the commonwealth used the electric power of Thailand.

Science and Technology

The Commonwealth has a plan to spend 10% of its gross domestic product into inventing and technology innovation. The main innovation center is kingdom of Electrocia, which has invented some things for the Commonwealth and its people. The Novo-Erecteutolectrocian National Institute has established in October 2023 for the sake of science and technology invention and innovation.

With being located inside the Princess Chulabhorn Science Highschool Phetchaburi, the people of the Commonwealth are the student of this school.

Novo-Erecteutolectrocian National Institute

The Novo-Erecteutolectrocian National Institute is the national institute of learned society which in charge of academic works of the National Government, including Akademio de Esperanto de'l Ŝtatkomuno. Previously, the institute was united with the National Sejm, but late on 2nd October 2023, the institute was founded independently. The institute is the main body for innovating office of the Commonwealth.


Tourism in the Commonwealth is not yet widespread and has not yet been certified by the government.


Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth population
July 20233—    
August 2023 5+66.7%
Source: National Sejm of the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth

The current population of the Commonwealth is 4 people according to the National census held by the Commonwealth's National Sejm and may not increase due to the national immigration bill. It has the population density of 0.57 people per 1 square meter and has a median age of roughly 13 years old.

100 % of the populations are students of Princess Chulabhorn's Science Highschool Phetchaburi and live in 3rd and 4th story of the 4th dormitory of the school. The most populous administrative division is Kingdom of Novo-Teutonia, which have 2 people as the population of the Kingdom. The hometown of citizens of the Commonwealth is varied. 2 reported to be from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 1 from Phetchaburi, and 2 reported unknown.


Religion in the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth (August 2023)
Religion percentage
Source: National Sejm of the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth

Despite the Commonwealth's national religion is Orthodox Christian, people of the Novo-Erecteutolectrocia Commonwealth adhere to Buddhism according to the 2023 census held by the National Sejm. Freedom of religion in this commonwealth has garanteed by the national statute on religion.


According to the constitution, Thai and English are the official languages of the Commonwealth. However, Esperanto and French are still used in some official documents about the foreign affairs.

Language status Languages Native speaker % of the population Fluent % of the population Total speakers (percentage of the population)
Official languages Thai 5 100 % - 5 (100 %)
English 0 0 % 1 20 % 2 (40 %)
Esperanto 1 (20 %)
French 0 0 %
Recognized minority languages Russian
Hokkaido Ainu

Akademio de Esperanto de'l Ŝtatkomuno

The Akademio de Esperanto de'l Ŝtatkomuno (English: Academy of Esperanto of the Commonwealth) is the main body for regulating the usage of Esperanto language in the Commonwealth. The Esperanto that used by the commonwealth may have little difference between the Fundamento de Esperanto variant by L. L. Zamenhof, but the speaker of this language can still understand the Novo-Erecteutolectrocian variant.



In the commonwealth, the main resource for international news is the “Novo-Teutonic International Times” weekly newspaper organized and edited by the national Sejm and Kingdom of Novo-Teutonia. Few content topics may be censored and highly monitored due to the royal decree on misleading information and fake information.

The radio and television service in the commonwealth only has Novo-Teutonic Radio and Television Service as the agency of the radio and television services in the Commonwealth. By having only single operating agency in the Commonwealth, the information of the Commonwealth through press services are still being unclear to the public.

Events and holiday

According to the Constitution, the national event and holiday will be stated in the statute.

Occasional event

Date/Frequency Name Information Note
Every Thursday or Friday Friday venting or story night The event where the people vent or sharing their stories that occur every Thursday or Friday.

National event and holiday

Date Name Information Note
1 January New year day The date where people celebrate the new year event
7 January Orthodox Christmas day The date where people celebrate the birth of Jesus stated in the bible
25 July Commonwealth unification day The date that people celebrate the unification of the Commonwealth
25 December Christmas day The date where people celebrate the birth of Jesus stated in the bible
31 December New year eve The date where people celebrate and countdown for the new year