Imperial State of Chai

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Chaichanya or officially the Imperial State of Chai is a micronation found in 19 Jun 2022 by Teepapat I was the founder in Thailand It is located in Udon Thani Province, was established as a Government System unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and also Member of the General Assembly of the Thailand Micronations. Chai has the old name Republic of Chaichanya and has Teepapat as the supreme leader. On September 27, 2023, Teepapat was coronated and government was changed to a constitutional monarchy. and change the name of the country to Imperial State of Chai.

Imperial State of Chai
Coat of arms
Motto: จักรวรรดิจักดำรงตราบโลกแหลกสลาย
(The empire will last until the world falls apart.)
Anthem: All hail Chai Imperial (16 November 2023 — Current)
Royal anthem: God save the Emperor

Capital Maha Nakhon Chaila (Right)

Largest city Nakhon Nakha (Left)
CapitalMaha Nakhon Chaila
Largest cityNakhon Nakha
Official languagesEnglish, Thai, Lao,
Recognised regional languagesThai, Lao
Ethnic groups
By race:
  • 5% Lao Issan
  • 1% Central Thai
  • 1% Chinese-Thai
  • 1% Lao
  • 0% Multiracial/Other
GovernmentUnitary state parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Teepapat I
• Empress
Boss Albert Marcosse
• Deputy Prime Minister
Major Moth Sankhom
LegislatureImperial Assembly of Chai
Senate of Imperial
Imperial Representative
• The Republic of Chaichanya
19 June 2022 - 27 September 2023
• Provisional government
25 September - 27 September 2023
• Imperial State of Chai at Constitutional monarchy
27 September 2023 - Current
• 2023 census
CurrencyBaht (฿)
Time zoneUTC+7 (GMT+7)



The Republic of Chaichanya was established on 19 January 2022 with Teepapat as its founder and supreme leader and Moth as its prime minister and president of the council.


On September 25, 2023, the government announced a change in regime, causing Supreme Leader Teepapat to temporarily stop performing his duties. This caused the Administrative Council to form a Provisional government with Moth Sankhom as the temporary head of state.

And on September 27, 2023, the country completely changed its rule. Teepapat was coronated and the position of Supreme Leader was abolished, replaced by the Emperor and country name has been changed to Imperial State of Chai.

Flag of Republic of Chaichanya

19 Jun 2022 - 27 Sep 2023

Flag of Imperial State of Chai

27 Sep 2023 - 23 Nov 2023

New flag of Imperial State of Chai

23 Nov 2023 - Current


Political Parties

Here are the list of political parties in Imperial State of Chai.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) Parliament
National Liberal Party (พรรคชาติเสรี)
Moth Sankhom
  • Liberal democracy
  • Monarchism
  • Centre-Right
  • Nationalism
  • Capitalism
  • Individualism
  • Right-Populism
  • Right-libertarianism
  • Equality
1 / 8
Social Democrat Party (พรรคสังคมประชาธิปไตย)
Winkousky Johannes
  • Social democracy
  • Left-Populism
  • Centre-left
  • Left-libertarianism
  • Social-justice
  • Equality
  • Progressivism
  • Laborism
  • Socialism
  • Cooperative
1 / 8
National Development Party (พรรคพัฒนาชาติ)
Boss Albert Marcosse
  • Monarchism
  • Developmentism
  • Right-populism
  • Right-authoritarianism
  • Nationalism
  • Corporatism
  • National-Capitalism
  • Far-Right
  • Anti-Communism
  • Anti-Socialism
1 / 8


Chai was founded in 2022 by Marshal Teepapat as well as the founder of the military. He established himself as the supreme leader of the Republic of Chaichanya and appointed his friend Moth Sankhom as Prime Minister. Ruled by military junta

Chai transitioned to a constitutional monarchy on 27 November 2023, with Teepapat crowning himself Emperor of Chai and Moth retaining his position as Prime Minister.

In January 2024, Chai held a election and Moth's National Liberal Party came second to Boss's National Development Party and agreed to form a government with Moth serving as deputy prime minister. At present, Chai is in the formative stage and has begun to continuously develop the stability of the country. Since the change of government to constitutional monarchy Chai is governed by an elected leader, the Prime Minister, and operates in a transparent and systematic manner.