Royal Guard(Huai Siao)

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Royal Guard
ตราราชองครักษ์(Huai Siao).png
Badge of the Royal Guard
Founded1 January 2020
Country Huai Siao
Chief of the Royal Guardธงราชองครักษ์(Huai Siao).png Prince Kriengkrai
Deputy Chief of the Royal Guardsธงราชองครักษ์(Huai Siao).png Not
Ceremonial flagธงราชองครักษ์(Huai Siao).png

Royal Guard(Thai:ราชองครักษ์)It is a military unit responsible for providing safety and honoring the emperor, the empress, the heir, the regent And every royal family closely.


The Royal Guard's affairs began in early 2020.The emperor had a royal wish to establish a royal body called the Royal Guards to protect the royal family of Huai Siao.Previously, the agency responsible for this was the royal soldiers.


Currently, the departments in the Royal Guards are as follows.

  • Royal Guard Is closely responsible for and guarding the palace area of ​​the royal family.
  • Royal soldiers It is responsible for the whole palace. Guard the gate of the palace and important points in the palace.

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