Rovian National Honor Reward

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The Rovian National Honor Reward is the highest award in Rovia, it is only given to those who have changed many aspects of how people live in. It was created by Emperor Mo I on the 4 May 2021. The award was created as a National award to be awarded to citizens who had contributed to establish and enhance national integrity.


Rovian National Honor Reward medallion

Only Rovian citizens whom the Emperor finds eligible may receive the award.


Name Known for Date of reception
Esty Carpentieri Prime Minister 21 May 2021
Emperor Mo I Monarch 22 May 2021
Belcity Minister of Culture 24 June 2021
Admiral Tarkius I Admiral of the Navy. 11 August 2021
Most Rovian citizens as their support kept the empire running in the time of crisis. Rovian citizens 20 September 2021
Tobey, Duke of Valtelline Duke of Valtelline 3 June 2022